Sheer Lip Gloss

Which shade is right for you?

  • Cherry 01 - 5ml
    Cherry 01 - 5ml
    Sheer, clear red. A hint of red that anyone can wear to enhance their own natural lip colour.
  • Guava 02 - 5ml
    Guava 02 - 5ml
    Medium pink with a subtle shimmer. A very wearable hint of pink.
  • Fuchsia 04 - 5ml
    Fuchsia 04 - 5ml
    Soft, raspberry rose. Adds life to every skin tone without being overly bright. Brilliant on bronzed skin and deeper skin tones.
  • Water Lily 12 - 5ml
    Water Lily 12 - 5ml
    Clear shine lightly flecked with gold. Wear on its own everyday or as a mixer and topcoat over any other lip colour.
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