Discover how to personalise your perfume and create a truly signature scent with useful tips courtesy of Lorna McKay, fragrance industry expert and co-founder of The Perfume Society.

Natural notes work best to create mystery
The fine fragrances in the Botanical Essence™ collection are ideal for layering as they share many natural notes, each behaving differently on individual skin types, helping to create a fragrance that is truly unique to you.

Go with the flow
Layering scents can mean anything from spritzing two perfumes directly on top of each other, to spraying one scent on your wrists and another on your neck. It can even start as early as when you apply a scented body lotion after bathing. The amount of layers depends on your mood, the occasion or the scent you’re trying to achieve.

Practice makes perfect
Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering. The general rule is that heavier scents should be spritzed first so they don’t overpower lighter, more delicate fragrances.

Day to night
If you’re new to layering a great place to start is by transitioning your scent from day to night. If you wear an airy floral fragrance during the day, follow by later spritzing on heady notes of musk or amber to intensify your scent and give it more staying power.

Lorna McKay

Here are some of my favourite combinations to get you started…

Botanical Essence™ No.10

(No.9 + No.1)

Uplifting, vibrant citrus notes shimmer in shafts of sunlight while the velvety depths of dark forest fruits softly entwine within the shadows, lingering with a daring sensuality long after dark.

Botanical Essence™ No.24

(No.9 + No.15)

The seductive embrace of exotic spices intertwine delicately with a rich tapestry of succulent woodland berries to create the essence of sophistication.

Botanical Essence™ No.29

(No.9 + No.20)

A decadent celebration of nature sparkles in the union of bright, fresh florals that dance with the sensual, juicy bite of succulent woodland fruits.

Botanical Essence™ No.16

(No.1 + No.15)

This cool, fresh citrus with warm, spicy undertones is the ultimate confidence-boosting combination. It’s a match made in scenting heaven.

Botanical Essence™ No.101

(No.1 + No.100)

This beguiling blend of light, fruity notes married with rich Indian jasmine and sustainable sandalwood can’t fail to lift your spirits. It’s pure sunshine, bottled.

Botanical Essence™ No.115

(No.15 + No.100)

Heady florals unite to seductive effect, especially when combined with woody notes of patchouli and sandalwood. This sultry scent is sure to turn heads wherever you go.