Caroline Archer’s tips for youthful-looking hands

Posted by Caroline Archer June 21, 2018 | 2 min read

After our QVC shows I’m often asked what I use on my hands (I demo products on the back of them constantly on air), so I thought it was high time I shared my routine with you. ‘Slow the ticking’ – our positive ageing mantra − isn’t only relevant for the face and décolleté, hands are top priority too.

For myself and my friends in their 40s and upwards, it’s the one thing that we regularly discuss – sharing a good local salon manicure discovery, swapping favourite mani shades, and the biggest question that’s constantly fired at me: what to use for youthful-looking hands?

Just like your precious facial skin, at Liz Earle our handcare ritual begins at the cleansing stage with a gentle handwash. And while you’ll definitely benefit from our specific hand products (Hand Repair™ & Superskin™ Hand Serum), there are other simple ways to keep hands in their very best condition.

Use a gentle hand wash always

If you’re anything like me, you wash your hands a lot, so choose one with gentle, plant-based ingredients. Our Orange Flower Hand Wash contains only naturally derived foaming agents made from coconut and corn.

Hand Repair Orange Flower 50ml tube trio

Stock up on travel size hand creams

Place minis of your favourite hand cream in convenient spots to encourage regular use − think kitchen sink, handbag, car door, office drawer, baby changing bag etc.

Use gloves for washing-up, housework and gardening

Protection is half the battle! And while it’s undoubtedly lovely to get your hands in the soil from time to time, hardworking hands are an instant giveaway.

Invest in a good (professional) manicure

If you can afford it, regular manicures make a huge, HUGE difference. Ask around to find a good therapist (notice somebody with beautiful nails at the supermarket checkout? Go ahead and ask them!).

Layer up while you sleep

For an intensive treat apply a thick layer of our rich Superskin™ Hand Serum, then follow with Hand Repair™ – because we don’t tend to wash our hands at night, it allows the nourishing treatments to absorb fully.

Always apply SPF to the backs of your hands

This should go without saying but it’s an area that’s so often overlooked, despite the fact our hands are pretty much always exposed to the elements.