5 ways you can celebrate World Kindness Day

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. November 13, 2018 | 3 min read

Remember that time your friend sent you an uplifting text when you were feeling down? Or when someone let you go ahead in the queue for your morning coffee? It’s these small, spontaneous and unexpected acts of kindness that are at the heart of World Kindness Day, a day that… well, does what it says on the tin. 

Kindness doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, or even planned ahead to make a difference. Being generous and considerate in small actions day to day not only helps others, but studies have shown it also improves our own mental wellbeing, helping reduce stress, strengthen relationships and improve our general sense of satisfaction. With this in mind, here are just a few simple, but thoughtful things that you can do today for World Kindness Day.

Leave a positive comment

While social media can sometimes be a more negative space than you’d like, you can do your part to offset this with kindness. When you’re scrolling today, take the time to leave a few positive comments on a friend’s post, an article that you liked, or even tweet someone you admire to thank them for their work. Just a few nice unsolicited words has the potential to make someone’s day. 

Bring in treats for colleagues

At Liz Earle HQ devouring cake is a time-honoured Friday afternoon tradition, so we can say with good authority that showering your colleagues with treats (not literally) represents peak kindness. Whether its spontaneously restocking the snack cupboard (it’s not just us that has one, is it?) or popping out on your lunch break for a selection of baked goods just because, your kind gesture will up office morale, with the added bonus of earning literal brownie points with your boss.

Start a reverse advent calendar

With December fast approaching, we’re looking forward to commencing the official countdown by popping open the first of our little cardboard doors (or boxes for those of us with The 12 Days of Liz Earle). However in recent years, the idea of the reverse advent calendar has taken off. Every day, instead of a treat, participants donate a small (non-perishable) food item which is then donated to a local food bank ahead of Christmas. It’s a truly simple and kind way to give back during the festive season and you can start today by gathering a few tins from the cupboard or adding some extra small items to your shopping basket. Easy!


Give flowers to a loved one

Who doesn’t love an unexpected gift? On your way home today stop and pick up a bunch of flowers for a family member, partner or friend that you think might need a reason to smile. This can be as small as spending your spare change on a bunch of tulips, or if you can afford something pricier, there are some great letterbox flower delivery services you can use for a long distance loved one. 

Be kind to yourself

It’s not just other people that need your kindness – you could use a break as well! We’re often much harsher on ourselves than we would be to others, so giving yourself a little boost every now and then is essential. Try writing down five positive things about yourself and pin them up somewhere you will see them often, so you can always be reminded of what makes you great.