How to be more body confident this summer

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. August 12, 2019 | 4 min read

For many of us, becoming body confident is easier said than done, but negative body image has a profound impact on our wellbeing. So much so that the Mental Health Foundation (MHF) even chose body image as their topic for Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, encouraging the promotion of body kindness and self-acceptance. At the very heart of Liz Earle is the desire to help people feel good, by creating products that will nurture, protect and love your skin. And we know that at this time of the year, the season of shorts, bikinis and strappy dresses, many of our customers struggle to cope with the negative effects of body image issues. So we wanted to provide you with some of our best tips for loving your body, and in turn, getting the most out of summer.

The no.1 rule: all bodies are good bodies

In their research, the Mental Health Foundation found that over a third of UK adults feel down or low because of their body image. No one deserves to feel like that. Every body, regardless of size, appearance or skin colour, is equally deserving of love and acceptance. When you look at other people, accept their bodies for what they are, and then turn that inwards – accept your own body for how it is. This doesn’t mean that you can’t change your body through diet, exercise, beauty procedures and so on – but body acceptance is the key to positive body image.

Make social media work for you

Many of us find that social media can be a constant source of insecurity – according to the MHF, one in five adults say that images on social media negatively affect how they feel about their bodies. But by following people who create uplifting, body positive content, we can transform the impact that these apps have on us. We love following @bodyposipanda, @nerdabouttown, @calliethorpe, @alexlight_ldn and @chessiekingg on Instagram. There are also lots of hashtags you can peruse for solidarity and inspiration, no matter what your body type. Here are just a few examples, showing that no matter who you are, you really can find a community on Instagram; #midsizestyle, #dresslikeamum #disabledandcute, #celebratemycurves, #selfloveclub, and #stylehasnosize, plus thousands more just a tap away.  

Show your body that you care

Doing things to look after your body, such as staying active or pampering yourself, will send a message to your mind that your body is worth being loved. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or time consuming – something as simple as 15 minutes of yoga, or treating yourself to an indulgent bodycare ritual can do the trick. But remember, as the MHF states, there’s a difference between punishing your body with overly-hard workouts or painful procedures, and treating it well, with pleasant activities to support your wellbeing. 

Our 2 step bodycare routine is a great starting point.

Begin with Cleanse & Polish™ Body in the shower, exfoliating your skin with the gentle body mitt to leave it feeling revitalised and smooth. Then treat yourself to our luxurious Skin Replenishing Body Balm – let the nourishing blend of 8 plant butters, seed oils and extracts sink into your skin to leave it feeling touchably soft and delicately scented.

Other ways to indulge in summery self-care

Here are three more ideas for little acts of TLC that will help you feel good, without feeding those niggly body insecurities we all have.

  • Your décolletage gets a lot of sun exposure, which can lead to a ‘V’ of skin that feels worn out and rough. Our Superskin™ Bust & Neck Treatment is rich in naturally active ingredients to firm, tone and plump the appearance of skin, helping you to feel confident in whatever summer clothes you want to wear.  

“This product has given me back my confidence! It feels so light but it obviously has a lot of power!” 

Jane, West Sussex on our Superskin™ Bust & Neck Treatment

  • Don’t forget your back either! Because why shouldn’t you wear a crop top or backless sundress? Our long-handled body brush helps to slough away dead skin that you just couldn’t reach otherwise, keeping your back ready to be shown off in the latest summer trends.

  • Lastly, remember your feet! Help your sandals live up to their full potential with an easy foot treatment; soak in warm water for 20 minutes, then apply a generous amount of Skin Replenishing Body Balm, for softer feeling feet.

Keep working at it

When you’re feeling down, list off all the things that make you unique and all the things you like about yourself. Listen to the good things, and try to drown out the negatives. The Mental Health Foundation also suggests being more aware of the way you talk about bodies, both yours and other people’s – even if you don’t believe what you say at first, speak about all bodies with kindness, and the true positivity will follow. Read more of their excellent tips here.

Love yourself, feel good about what you wear, and most importantly, have a wonderful summer!

The Liz Earle Team X