The Magic of Masks

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Posted by Caroline Archer January 31, 2014 | 1 min read

Never undervalue the wonders of a face mask. Quick results, minimum fuss and a soft, glowing, radiant bloom to the skin – sound good? If you don’t have time for one of our pampering facials in our relaxing treatment rooms, then here’s your shortcut to speedy skincare success.

•    Congested or greasy skin prone to breakouts? Experience the soothing, rebalancing botanical clays in Deep Cleansing Mask.  Not only does it rebalance (primary aim), but it also calms a cross, hot complexion (the result of many a congested skin type), with soothing Manuka honey and propolis.  Designed to dry gently on the skin, it helps draw out impurities, then gently lifts away using its sponge partner after five minutes. Skin is left smooth and calm, with redness minimised and softness restored (no tightness).

•    Lacklustre, pallid, worn-out skin tone? Try the zingy 30-second bright-skin wonder: Brightening Treatment Mask.  This is my fail-safe for QVC shows, to instantly transform my skin for a ‘lights-camera-action’ glow. It’s also known as ‘SOS in a pump’ thanks to its instantly radiant results and gorgeous pick-me-up aroma, courtesy of Chinese camphor. Time-starved, yet skin craving energy and brightness? Make this your morning fix – smooth this cool, aloe vera and witch hazel-infused mask onto skin, leave for 30-120 seconds then remove with its muslin cloth. Skin wakes up and a rosy bloom appears as if by magic on the cheeks – disguising a sleepless night or hungover skin.

PS. Try a special trick with Instant Boost Skin Tonic.  Spritz it over your mask (just before removing), or pour a little into your palms, then massage into skin to gently rehydrate and soften the mask. Alcohol-free, this aloe vera-rich skin brightener is the perfect partner to revive and soothe skin.

•    Finishing touches – Now just add a veil of moisture with Instant Boost Skin Tonic, and seal in that soft-skin sensation with your chosen moisturiser (try our everyday hero Skin Repair Moisturiser, or Superskin Moisturiser if skin needs that extra boost).

Some extra tips?

•    Get creative – Take a leaf out of our therapists’ book and use a different mask for different areas of your complexion. No rules, remember, just find what works best for you. I love Deep Cleansing Mask on my oily t-zone.

•    Polish – For optimum results, make sure skin is beautifully soft before you start. Try exfoliating with Gentle Face Exfoliator - let the spherical beads roll gently over your skin, removing dead, dry skin cells, to help maximise your subsequent mask. A few seconds doing this reaps tangible results later.

Whatever your skin dilemma, our trio of face masks come to the rescue with a specific solution, so take a few minutes each week to really step up your skincare regime. You’ll notice a visible, lasting difference when you glance in the mirror and over the coming days. Enjoy and do share more about your favourite mask tips from the Liz Earle range – add your thoughts to the comments section below or share with us on Facebook or Twitter.