The Great Autumn Escape

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. October 22, 2016 | 2 min read

It’s always good to align yourself with the school of thought that a number of short getaways throughout the year can be more reviving than an annual 2-week break. With a busy working schedule, long holidays abroad aren’t always feasible, so a wellness weekend can provide some much-needed soul-soothing where you can rejoin the dots between mind, body and spirit.

Timing wise, there’s no better time to schedule a rejuvenating break than for autumn. A beautiful season, it signals the end to a busy summer and allows a stopgap in your schedule where you can breathe and regain your sense of inner calm before the rush of Christmas ensues.

If you’re in need of some escape inspiration, then why not check out the West Bay Club on the Isle of Wight. Only 2 hours from London and a short sail across the Solent to the historic market town of Yarmouth, it’s set in verdant gardens and the area is humming with nature.

There’s nothing better than walking along the rugged coastline here – there are countless must-see sites along the new Warrior Trail, which is just a short distance from West Bay. Nothing beats breathing in the sea air, especially at a time when the leaves are crimson and crisp, plus the lingering warmth of the sun combined with an invigorating sea breeze is always an instant mood reviver.

One activity you have to make time for is a visit to the Island Wellness Spa, which now offers Liz Earle Naturally Active products, facials and retreats! A short walk through the gardens, this feel-good destination allows you to indulge both skin and senses. Whether you want to discover the unique naturally active Liz Earle facials or simply relax in the sauna, steam room and Little Room of Calm, the choice is rewarding no matter what you pick.

For those looking to soothe a particularly addled mind, we wholeheartedly recommend booking a Naturally Active Retreat. Involving either a Mini, One Day or Two Day stay, it provides a welcome respite from the frantic pace of modern life, and you can even stay in the beautiful new House of Liz Earle Beauty.

So, whether you’re searching for seclusion, a return to self, or simply seeking a renewed sense of vibrancy, few places compare to The West Bay Club and all its wonderful offerings. We hope you enjoy your stay!

The Liz Earle Beauty Team x