Sweet potato doughnuts

Virtuous bakes to satisfy your GBBO cravings

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. September 18, 2018 | 2 min read

From sugar-free cakes to vegan pastry recipes, the alternative baking scene is so hot right now – there’s an (almost) healthy version to sate even the most chronic Tuesday night cravings. Pass the spatula please!

For shoehorning in those secret veg

Our very own Ethnobotanist, James Wong is a dab hand at switching out traditional ingredients – think refined sugar and butter – to include nutrient-packed, colourful veg in his baking recipes. What’s more, these delicious baked (instead of fried) sweet potato doughnuts were inspired by NASA research, so they’re officially out of this world.

For sugar-free cakes without the crash

Chef Sophie Michell was forced to give up sugar when she was diagnosed with insulin resistance. Not that you’d know it looking at her latest book, Baking Without Sugar, which is choc full of sugar-free cake showstoppers, the kind we’d happily devour at the drop of a hat. We’re particularly tempted by this pistachio cake with rosewater icing. Sugar, we don’t need you.

For pastries you’d never guess were vegan

Oh Lady Cakes aka Ashlae from Denver, Colorado, is a poster girl for vegan cooking of all descriptions, but it’s her pastries and desserts that had us tumbling down a virtual vegan rabbit hole. If you can get your head around the US conversion, these cinnamon rolls made with coconut oil are a must-bake.

For gluten-free goodness to get you through the PM

Not only are these mint moringa oreos by Baghdad-born, Manchester-based food blogger Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen vegan and gluten-free, the zingy green filling is made with superfood moringa powder which contains an abundance of nutrients including essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and antioxidants – we know!

For gooey wholefood chocolate brownies

Brownies and lentils may not be two words you’d usually utter in the same sentence, but as our US ambassador Julie Montagu regularly reminds us, it pays to think outside the box. These super gooey lentil brownies from her book SuperFoods SuperFast contain zero flour and are sweetened naturally with honey and dates.

For a low calorie cupcake hit

According to Jamie Oliver, these apple and cardamom cupcakes are a mere 145 calories a pop. Plus, they’re made with gluten-free flour and ground almonds making them arguably more easily digestible, too.