Bunch of roses and lavender

The Beauty of Rose and Lavender

Posted by James Wong May 16, 2016 | 1 min read

Key scents in many Liz Earle products – including the soon-to-be-permanent-edition Cleanse & Polish™ Rose & Lavender (currently available exclusively at John Lewis) – both of these floral favourites have wonderful sensorial benefits. And did you know, for truly top-quality oils, sourcing is key? Our Ethnobotanist, James Wong tells us more…

James holding some lavender James holding some lavender

'Lavender has been prized for centuries for its relaxing properties. We only source ours from its native southern France, where the low rainfall, chalky soil and intense sunshine trigger the plants to create a far more aromatic, richly-scented oil. The exact same plants grown anywhere else would produce a measurably different oil – no wonder it’s the world’s finest!

I was also lucky enough to visit our plantations in Turkey last year to meet the small cooperative of local farmers who grow our roses, with an unbroken history going back thousands of years. The petals are handpicked at dawn – so as to not lose any of the precious oil, and our rose extract is produced in the last remaining old copper still in the whole of Turkey. This is as authentic as it gets!'

James Wong, Ethnobotanist