With March being National Bed Month, what better time to think about the quality of your beauty sleep? 

Our free gifts with Your Daily Routine, scented with soothing floral fragrances, are perfectly paired to help you wind down of an evening as part of your nightly skincare routine, plus discover our top lifestyle tips for helping you get your full forty winks.

The night-time wonders

Cleanse & Polish™ Rose & Lavender

A fragrant twist on our multi award-winning classic, this scented edition combines everything people love about UK’s No.1 cleanser† with a beautiful, soothing aroma. Infused with a blend of Damask rose petal and high-altitude lavender, it’s the perfect way to calm the senses while also removing every scrap of make up and pollution before bed.

Soothing essential oils

Both of your free gifts are infused with lavender essential oil, which is well-known for its naturally calming properties. Experiencing this aroma in the build up to bed time, combined with a relaxing and familiar routine, can help prepare you for a restful night’s sleep, which in turn can improve our natural cell turnover for a renewed complexion come morning. 

Superskin™ Concentrate for Night

Made up of a blend of pure plant oils, our night-time concentrate works to soften and rebalance skin, while relaxing the mind with its aromatic scent. You can also indulge in a facial massage before settling down to aid relaxation and leave skin looking plump and glowing overnight. 

What else can you do?

Take time out from tech

We all know that the blue light emitted from our devices can stop us falling asleep at night, so try to turn everything off at least 2 hours before bed – yes even your phone! Without the constant stream of digital content to keep your mind a-buzz you may find it easier to drop off.

Create a relaxing ritual

Having a regular routine can help associate certain relaxing activities with sleep – helping you to drift off that bit quicker. Having a warm bath, practising yoga or meditation, reading a book for 20 minutes are all things you can do to gradually wind down before bed. 

Prep your sleep space

Like you optimise your desk for productivity, it’s essential to create right bed time environment, especially if you experience trouble sleeping. Experts recommend keeping the bedroom calm and clutter free, a cool 16-18°C, dark (to encourage relaxation) and dedicated to the pursuit of snoozing – no distractions allowed, digital or otherwise. 

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†Source: The NPD Group Ltd, Women Prestige Face Cleansers, Value & Unit Sales at Line level, July 17-June 18.

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