David – Service & Education Trainer

David joined Liz Earle in 2014 initially as a Customer Advisor. Being focused and driven, David’s potential was quickly recognised, leading to annual objectives being set and relevant training provided. Consequently, he has achieved 6 promotions, each time moving upwards to take on a more challenging role – resulting in his current position of Eastern & South East England Service and Education Trainer. This came with the responsibility of recruiting his own team of Service Superstars and striving for service excellence in everything he does. We catch up with him below to find out a little more about his Liz Earle journey so far…

What is a typical day of a Liz Earle Counter Manager like?

"My week begins with admin, ensuring all communications with my stores and the Area Managers are followed up and organised, I also participate in the area conference calls to hear all of the successes our store teams have to share, alongside any workshops/ events they have planned to create lovely customer experiences in store. Shortly after the conference calls, I contact individual stores to arrange a store visit date to see the teams.

Leading on throughout the week, I would be visiting stores to support them in their learnings to leverage the capabilities of our Customer Advisors and Counter Managers. Before arriving into store, I plan our day based on the needs of each individual, ensuring it’s fun and engaging. These needs are everything service, product and customer experience related. By the end of the day our teams will have adopted the skills and tools to feel confident in delivering exceptional customer experiences, through a day of coaching and training.

After the visit I complete a store visit form detailing all of the focuses and discussion points, setting them objectives to follow up on, leading up to my next day in with them. They also receive a completed service observation checklist based on a ‘real-time’ customer interaction, of which the teams can see what they do brilliantly and should continue to do vs what they could do differently to leverage their level of service even more.

Just like their Area Managers I am a point of contact for our Customer Advisors and Counter Managers when they need additional support, whether that be over the phone coaching, sharing useful service hints and tips or any other Service & Education related queries.

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Talk us through the training you have received since joining us.
“As with all of the retail starters, my journey at Liz Earle started with a week of product and brand training on the Isle of Wight. From the moment you step inside Biskra Beach House for your induction, you instantly feel that you are part of the family.

Following induction training, the field-based Service & Education Team provide continuous training and development to ensure we retain and build upon the first class service that we are so well known for. Their support is second to none, and they coach you to be the best you can be, helping expand your knowledge about the brand, services, and of course general lifestyle advice – all in a way that will suit your personal style to enable you to establish a natural rapport with customers.

Additionally, Counter Managers receive further training around specific skills required to lead and coach teams to achieve commercial success, as well as Recruitment Training to enable you to take accountability for hiring your own team. No matter whether you are a Customer Advisor or a Counter Manager, you will also receive regular support and reviews with your line manager to reflect and build up on performance, skills and knowledge. All in all, Liz Earle tops any training I’ve had in beauty over the last 6 years.

Since joining Liz Earle, I have always aspired to become part of our Service and Education team because of their positive and nurturing approach. After realising how much time our brand invested in my own development, I felt it was time to reach out and further develop my colleagues with the tools and experiences I have gained."

"The first week on the Isle of Wight for our induction was an amazing opportunity to learn about the brand."