Is eating 10-a-day possible? Sarah Carr tries it for herself

Sarah Carr - Lifestyle Ambassador

Posted by Sarah Carr May 15, 2019 | 1 min read

I’m proud to be able to call James (our in-house Ethnobotanist) a friend, so I couldn’t wait to really get stuck into his new book, 10-a-day the easy way. Delving in, I was delighted to find not just an abundance of delicious veg-packed recipes, but also a wealth of scientific backing, explaining exactly how fitting more veg into our diets can improve our health. 

I love cooking, and I always try to up the veg content of a recipe anyway, so to say that this book is up my street is an understatement. Read on for my top three tips and recipes.

My top three recipes… so far!

Fig & goats’ cheese farinata pizza

I love that James’ recipe sneaks in an extra two portions of veg into the pizza base alone – inspired by the Genovese flatbread, ‘farinata’. 

Smoky chickpea & pepper curry

This is so quick and easy to pull together after a long day, plus you’ll find most of the ingredients are already somewhere in your cupboard. 

Triple berry hotcakes

Amazingly, this sweet treat of a breakfast (done James’ way) packs a whopping 4 portions of fruit per serving! Who knew?

Did you know…

Fresh, frozen and canned fruit and vegetables count towards your 10-a-day. 

Hummus can also count as one of your portions – especially if you opt for one of James’ homemade versions.

One whole apple, pear, avocado, peach or pepper actually counts for TWO portions.

Happy cooking!

Sarah x

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10-a-Day the Easy Way by James Wong is published by Mitchell Beazley,, £20. Photography by Jason Ingram