A travel-friendly beauty guide

Posted by Sarah Carr July 22, 2018 | 2 min read

If you’re heading far away, and especially by plane, here’s some invaluable wisdom to help keep you and your skin glowing in transit.

Make a packing checklist

First things first, get organised! My long-haul travel list looks something like the below, but you can add or subtract as you see fit:

  • In-flight skincare − all under 100ml (our minis fit the bill)
  • Cotton pads
  • A good book − I’m currently reading The Inner Beauty Bible by Laurey Simmons (pictured)
  • Silk eye mask for naps (I’m a recent convert)
  • Nutritious snacks and water – read more below
  • Crystals

Prep your in-flight routine

I always pack essential minis of Cleanse & Polish™ (with cotton cloth), Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic Spritz and Eyebright™ plus a face oil, lip balm, hand cream and moisturiser or serum.

As soon as the seatbelt sign is switched off, head to the bathroom to do a thorough cleanse, removing any make up to reveal a clean complexion that will be easier to keep hydrated throughout the flight.  Then rehydrate skin with Instant Boost™ Skin Tonic (which you can also spritz throughout the flight.)

Next, apply face oil then moisturiser to hydrate and add a barrier to protect against moisture loss during the flight.

Applying a hydrating lip balm will help keep lips comfortable whilst flying – Superskin™ Superlip Balm is a favourite.

Finally, before landing, apply Eyebright™ to two cotton pads and place over the eyes leaving for up to 5 minutes − this is like a mini facial for the eyes to counteract that tired, puffy feeling.

Drink plenty of water

Always take more than you think you need. Some airports now have drinking water taps so take a refillable bottle with you and fill it post security check (this made my day at Heathrow recently!).

Keep sipping throughout the flight to hydrate from the inside out.

Don’t rely on the in-flight meal

I’m not great with plane food and often choose to take my own meal plus snacks to keep my digestive system happy. I pack things like apples, bananas, dates, nuts and nut butter sachets. For a long-haul flight, I’ll pop to Pret to pick up a sandwich or salad to keep me going. I also take dried oats, nuts and fruit in a Tupperware container and just add water on the flight – this makes a tasty, healthy snack or breakfast.

Happy travels!