How to ace remote working

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. August 10, 2018 | 2 min read

Whether you’re working from your kitchen table, or your company’s designated communal space, one thing is certain, we are in the grip of a remote working revolution. The prevalence of WiFi almost everywhere coupled with flexible working hours means that being sans desk has never been more fashionable.  And while on one hand we mourn the lack of a dedicated space to store assorted office paraphernalia (hole punch anyone?), the freedom of being able to work literally anywhere – from buzzy cafes to breezy museums − far outweighs that loss. Still not convinced? Here are 5 reasons to convert even the most reluctant remote worker.

  1. It (almost definitely) makes you more creative
    A change is as good as a rest, or so the old adage goes. Familiar possessions and people are comforting, but when you physically change your surroundings it forces you to think differently, and many say more creatively. For extra inspiration, transfer your laptop to the nearest WiFi enabled gallery or green space.

  2. It promotes ‘agile working’
    In 2015, data from the Office of National Statistics showed that 4.2 million of us were working from home on a regular basis. Whether you need to fit work around your family, or simply find you’re at your most productive outside of the regular 9-5, working from home affords the kind of flexible work set-up that a strict office routine cannot.

  3. It encourages team building
    Let’s talk about hot desking for a minute. While it can be stressful securing a ‘free’ workspace every morning, the fact that nobody, not even your CEO, has their own desk space promotes a fairer working culture where team members feel free to contribute on a level. Just don’t expect your boss to take minutes.

  4. It’s arguably healthier
    When you work flexible hours remotely it’s often easier to build in those pre, post or mid-work exercise breaks that can jar with a ‘normal’ office existence. Equally, working from home means you can sit in your gym kit without judgment, blitz yourself a nutritious smoothie on-site, or hit the deck for a shoulder stretching sequence when typing fatigue strikes. We’re all for some workplace wellbeing!

  5. You can make it beautiful
    The average office decor is far from inspiring (not everyone is as lucky as us at our Isle of Wight HQ), so choose your remote perch wisely for an instant workspace upgrade. Think the lobby of a chic boutique hotel for sprawling couches, or a design-led café. This also applies to your home office space – make it both beautiful and functional and your productivity will sky rocket.