Personalise Your Presents

Posted by Sarah Carr December 16, 2016 | 3 min read

A cosy afternoon spent wrapping presents and writing cards is one of my favourite festive rituals! I love to take a step away from the usual shop-bought gift wrap and put a little personal touch on my gifts. As a result, my aim this December is to get creative with my wrapping. As well as allowing you to make a gift unique, the best bit is that it’s super easy once you know how. Simply have a read of my guide below to give bespoke present wrapping a go.

Opt for festive fabrics
Just like wrapping paper, patterned fabric works wonderfully for concealing presents and looks very pretty too! In fact, this type of gift-wrapping is hugely popular in Japan, where it is known as “furoshiki” and celebrated as a time-honored art form. Scour your home for silk scarves you no longer wear, drapes or curtain samples and old tablecloths. Even things like pillowcases can work really well too. Once you have the right size fabric for your present, simply tie, knot or pin decoratively and you’re good to go. After presents are opened, simply gather the fabric, fold and store for next year.

Prettify with pre-used paper
There is an abundance of paper that can be upcycled during the festive season. Simply look to the glossy pages of your favourite magazines, to newspapers and even carrier bags, where you can cut along the seam and then lay flat like a single sheet of wrapping paper. Children’s (and adults!) colouring books can also be a great source of wrapping paper, and will give your gift a unique yet personalised feel to it – plus it’s a great way to show off the family artwork!

Makeover maps and customize calendars
Thanks to smartphones, paper maps have been relegated to our kitchen drawers and the boots of our cars. Yet these colourful pieces of paper are perfect for present-wrapping, and are and usually large enough to cover an array of gifts. Equally, wall-hanging calendars are discarded after 365 days, yet so many of them have interesting illustrations or pretty photographs, and the pages are usually nice and glossy as well as being sturdy, so they can be folded and fastened with some and recycled string or ribbon rather than tape.

Have fun with fonts
Gift tags aren’t the only way to label presents for your loved ones. Instead, a much cooler way to make your gift stand out is to craft letters out of paper, card or even material and then assemble them into the name of the person the gift is for. To make, simply draw up some templates and then use them as guide to cut your letters out of the desired fabric or paper. You can make them as big or as small as you like, and use a variety of colours to really make the name pop.

Which tips will you be trying this Christmas? We’d love to hear your suggestions and see your personalised presents on our social media pages too – simply tag us @lizearlebeautyco!

Sarah x