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Step inside one of our tranquil treatment rooms to discover both blissful relaxation and visible results. Thoughtfully designed surroundings that work in harmony with all of your senses is just one aspect of the unforgettable experience. Born from the belief that regular facial treatments are essential for achieving a radiant glow, and form a vital part of your complete skincare routine, our treatments offer expert care for all skin types, just like our much-loved skincare range. Our selection of face and body treatments, suitable for both men and women, work to deliver optimum results on the day and beyond.

Along with a detailed pre-treatment consultation, where we learn a little bit more about your skincare routine and lifestyle, our award-winning product range allows our highly-trained therapists to tailor the treatment. This is combined with a selection of techniques, from hands-on massage sequences to state-of-the-art, non-invasive technologies, making each treatment beautifully bespoke to your skin’s needs – whether dry, congested, sensitive or showing the visible signs of ageing. Handpicked for their expert training, passion and knowledge, our therapists offer a first-class service to ensure you leave feeling revitalised, and with a true Liz Earle glow.


Liz Earle Signature Facial

Bespoke to you, ensures exceptional results for every skin type...

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  • 90 min
  • £120.00

Book a course of 5 Liz Earle Signature Facials and receive a 6th one on us.

Superskin™ Botanical Lift Facial

Leave skin looking lifted, plumped and refreshed...

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  • 50 min
  • £120.00

Book a course of 5 Superskin™ Botanical Lift Facials and receive a 6th one on us.

Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial

A truly restorative treatment, this is the perfect harmonising experience...

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  • 60 min
  • £90.00

Book a course of 5 Healthy Beautiful Skin Facials and receive a 6th one on us.

Interactive Skincare Tutorial

Your skincare expert will analyse your skin and tailor your routine...

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  • 35 min
  • £25.00

Enjoy personalised skincare advice and expert recommendations

Speedy Lift Facial

For those who are short on time but want an instant complexion boost...

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  • 30 min
  • £45.00

Book a course of 5 Speedy Lift Facials and receive a 6th one on us.

Liz Earle Purifying Facial

Hands-on techniques combined with pore-cleansing technologies…

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  • 45 min
  • £60.00

Book a course of 5 Liz Earle Purifying Facials and receive a 6th one on us.


Nourish and Nurture Ritual

An indulgent body treatment that works to nourish and nurture skin, body and mind...

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  • 75 min
  • £90.00

Book a course of 5 Nourish and Nurture Rituals and receive a 6th one on us.

Full Body Botanical Bliss Massage

A full-body sequence to gently ease and de-stress tense muscles...

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  • 60 min
  • £75.00

Book a course of 5 Full Body Botanical Bliss Massages and receive a 6th one on us.

Botanical Bliss Back Massage

A back massage sequence to gently ease and de-stress tense muscles...

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  • 35 min
  • £45.00

Book a course of 5 Botanical Bliss Back Massages and receive a 6th one on us.

Treatment FAQs

  • Can I buy gift vouchers for treatments?

    All of our treatments are perfect to give as a special gift. Simply visit one of our treatment rooms, buy online or call our Customer Care Centre on +44 (0)1983 813913 to order a Treatment Gift Voucher. If you have a Treatment Gift Voucher please ensure to bring it with you on the day of your treatment for payment. Please be aware that Liz Earle Treatment Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed at Liz Earle flagship stores.

  • How often should I have a treatment?

    A facial every 6-8 weeks will give you personal time to relax and restore your wellbeing, and is an effective, blissful way to ensure healthy-looking, glowing skin – your therapist will be happy to advise you on how often they would recommend treatments for you.

  • Can I have a treatment if I am pregnant?

    When booking a treatment, please let us know if you are pregnant or trying to conceive, so we can give you the best advice on the suitability of treatments. We are unable to offer facials or massages to anyone during the first trimester or last two weeks of pregnancy.

  • Are your treatments suitable for men?

    All of our treatments are suitable for both men and women.

  • What time should I arrive?

    You are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to allow time to complete a confidential Treatment Consultation form and for you to relax and benefit fully from your treatment.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    Pets and other animals are not permitted, except for guide or assistance animals.

  • Can I have my phone on during the treatment?

    To maintain the restful atmosphere of the Treatment Rooms, we would ask that you please switch off any mobile phones, tablets and similar devices.

  • Are the Treatment Rooms available for private hire?

    Yes, our stores and Treatment Rooms are available for private hire and are perfect for a group of friends wishing to experience treatments together. For more details, please contact the relevant store and speak to a member of our team.

  • Can I exchange a Treatment Gift Voucher for Liz Earle products?

    Yes, your voucher can be exchanged for Liz Earle products. Please bring it with you on the day of purchase. Please be aware that this is only available in Liz Earle stores.

  • What if I’m undergoing medical treatment?

    Please inform us if you are currently undergoing any medical treatment at the time of booking so that we may make any necessary adaptations to ensure you receive the best and safest treatment possible.

  • What is the age limit?

    For anyone under 14 – we regret that we cannot offer treatments due to strict health and safety guidelines. For anyone aged 14-15 – we can offer the Healthy Beautiful Skin Facial with the consent, and in the presence of, a parent or guardian. For anyone aged 16-18 – we can offer all treatments with the consent, and in the presence of, a parent or guardian.

  • What if I’m late?

    If you are late, we will try to accommodate your treatment in the time remaining, but may have to adapt it slightly. If you arrive more than 10 minutes after your appointment time, it may be necessary to reschedule it and our cancellation policy may apply.

  • Are children allowed in the Treatment Rooms?

    We regret that children are not able to accompany parents into the Treatment Room or be left unsupervised in the reception area or the shop while you enjoy your treatment.

  • Can I give a gratuity?

    Our prices do not include gratuity. If you would like to offer a gratuity, this may be given directly to your therapist, at your discretion. We regret that gratuity cannot be added to card payments.

Bookings and cancellation policy

We understand that life doesn't always run smoothly and there are times when you may need to cancel an appointment. A deposit of 50% of your treatment price will be payable when booking and is redeemable against your treatment. If you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please allow at least 24 hours notice and we will be pleased to put your deposit towards a new booking. We regret that we cannot transfer or refund deposits for treatments missed or where less than 24 hours notice is received.

Treatment courses

Treatment courses must be completed within one year of booking to qualify for the full discount. Refunds or partial refunds will not be offered on any incomplete courses. Our course offer means that when you book 5 of the same treatment, you will receive a 6th treatment for free. If the complimentary treatment does not match the original treatment course, or, if it exceeds the original treatment value, the difference in price will be payable by the customer.

Skincare and product advice

Our Customer Centre team on the Isle of Wight are always happy to help by phone on +44 (0) 1983 813913 or by email at ccare@lizearle.com.