Perfect for leaving skin feeling soothed, refreshed and rebalanced, our lightweight gel mask enriched with a trio of wildflower waters is undoubtedly one of our top summer skin essentials. And you don’t just have to believe us when we say it’s great – our customers and Ambassadors have a thing or two to say as well. Shop now »

“My skin tone looked evened out…”

After trying Balancing Gel Mask as part of her routine, Yvonne absolutely loved how refreshed and hydrated her skin looked and felt.

“After using Cleanse & Polish™ and Gentle Face Exfoliator, I used the Balancing Gel Mask and then followed it with Superskin™ Concentrate for Night. The result was fabulous; as well as feeling great, my skin looked healthy, hydrated and plumped. As the mask was on I could feel my skin drinking in the ingredients. My skin tone looked evened out and appeared smooth and hydrated. My fine lines were less noticeable.”

Yvonne, Penrith

James Wong - Ethnobotanist

On our ingredients…

“The soothing properties of elderflower have been harnessed for centuries to improve the complexion − the ancient Egyptians used elderflower infusions to help reduce visible facial wrinkles and even skin tone. Our second flower extract, meadowsweet, is the great balancer, naturally astringent and rich in salicylic acid. Finally we chose lime flowers from the species Tillia cordata. Applied topically, research has shown they can have a naturally calming effect on the skin.”

James Wong, Ethnobotanist

“Easy to fit into my skincare routine…”

Abigail’s favourite thing about using our Balancing Gel Mask is the speed and ease of application – perfect for fitting into a busy schedule.

“As someone with combination skin, this is perfect for me. The fact that it does its job in 5 minutes is excellent – so hassle free and easy to fit into my skincare routine. I had very quick results – other masks need to be left on for up to 20 minutes, so I need to have more time put aside to use them. It’s also nice to have a mask that balances oil on the T-zone and moisturises other areas.”

Abigail, Bishops Stortford

In the Treatment Room…

“When a client’s skin looks stressed or lacking in vitality, this is the mask I turn to – the gel texture has an instantly refreshing and calming effect. Just smooth onto skin and allow up to 5 minutes for the balancing actives to get to work, then simply wipe away with a cotton cloth soaked in warm water. It couldn’t be easier.”

Karen, Treatments Expert

“It’s like I’ve been to the spa…”

As someone with sensitive skin, Kelly loves how the mask has evened the appearance of her skin tone while being a relaxing treatment to enjoy at home.

“My skin feels really soft and refreshed. It’s like I’ve been to the spa for a lovely treatment! The mask also has a nice cooling effect. My skin has a much more even tone and significantly reduced redness. It has a lovely brightness too, a nice healthy glow.”

Kelly, Bangor

For greater wellbeing…

“The chances are if your skin is stressed, you are too. Why not use 5 minutes while our Balancing Gel Mask is working to slow down and improve your breathing? Sit somewhere comfortable and try to breathe mindfully, matching the length of your inhale and exhale to a count of 4. Try it. You’ll be surprised how calm and centred you feel afterwards.”

Sarah Carr, Lifestyle Ambassador


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