5 foodie gifts to make and share this spring

Posted by James Wong May 21, 2019 | 2 min read

Is there anything more thoughtful than a handmade edible gift? In our hyper busy, tech-filled schedules, somebody taking the time out to prepare a tasty treat is a precious gesture indeed − the antithesis of garage forecourt flowers, or that generic gift card you’ll probably never spend.

Flicking through the pages of our Ethnobotanist’s new book 10-a-day the easy way, we felt particularly inspired by these fruit and veg-packed recipes that also make the perfect edible gifts (thanks James Wong). What’s more, they’re the kind of nourishing treats that stealthily boost the recipients’ wellbeing without ever feeling too virtuous, so even your sweet-toothed-bestie, or your takeaway-loving-Dad will benefit.