Meet James Wong


A bestselling author and award-winning television presenter, James joined our team of expert ambassadors as Ethnobotanist in 2014.

James Wong - Ethnobotanist

Trained at the prestigious Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, James is an accomplished Ethnobotanist – a scientist who studies how people use plants – and an authority on botanicals.

Working alongside our in-house teams, James has the enviable job of exploring the globe in pursuit of outstanding naturally active ingredients that aren’t only the best for your skin and hair, but for the environment and our suppliers too.

James’ credentials are matched by a lifelong passion for plants, which stems back to his childhood in Singapore and Malaysia, where his grandmother taught him how to harness the traditional plant remedies growing on their doorstep.

His belief that plants possess skin-friendly properties is wholly in line with our philosophy – to use only the highest quality naturally active ingredients in amounts that are scientifically proven to make a genuine difference to all skin types, even the most sensitive.

"There's no other role like it in the beauty industry.  For a plant geek like me, you could call it my dream job!"

James Wong, Ethnobotanist