How to Extend Your Summer Glow

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. August 3, 2017 | 2 min read

There’s nothing like a dose of sunshine to lift the spirits, and to give skin a flush of healthy-looking colour (wearing adequate SPF of course!), but when the season draws to a close, summer complexions can be left feeling a little, well, BLAH.

Luckily, it’s nothing that a bit of concerted effort in the skincare and lifestyle department can’t fix. Follow our radiance-making mantra, below, and your skin will soon be back to its glowing, radiant best, whatever the weather’s up to.

Raise a glass
Alas, not a glass of chilled rosé − more water is what your skin’s really craving to help rehydrate after a summer of all-day socials in the sunshine. At the risk of repeating ourselves, every cell in the body functions better when it’s hydrated, and that reflects in brighter, more glowing skin.

Feeling buff
You know that thing you keep meaning to do every night before bed but you’re just too tired? Invest just a few minutes, 2-3 times a week to exfoliate your skin with our Gentle Face Exfoliator and you’ll soon notice the difference.

Sunshine in a tube
With skin-perfecting pigments, plus carefully chosen ingredients to nourish, make up-skincare hybrids are perfect for this time of year. As well as giving you a healthy-looking veil of colour, our award-winning Sheer Skin Tint™ SPF 15 contains naturally active ingredients – Alaria esculenta, avocado and borage seed oils − at levels that really make a difference to skin.

Eat your glow
What we eat affects our skin all-year round, but now more than ever it’s time to increase those foods that are really nutrient-rich – think omega-rich oily fish, seeds and nuts, plus those foods that are high in ‘good’ fats and vitamin E (avocado toast anyone?), to help bolster your skin’s glow from the inside out.

Get moving
Skin still feeling lacklustre? Get moving. Gentle exercise helps boost the circulation and encourages a natural skin glow. Our Lifestyle Ambassador Sarah Carr swears by yoga twists and forward bends to help rebalance and reboot your system. Try introducing a few moves first thing before breakfast, followed by a refreshing cup of hot water and lemon to help rehydrate.

The Liz Earle Team x