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Have a Radiant ‘‘Staycation’’!

Posted by Caroline Archer August 20, 2014 | 3 min read

From day one, our homeland has been the beautiful Isle of Wight, just peeping across the water as you gaze longingly out from Portsmouth Harbour. Dubbed ‘the island’, our tranquil yet energising home inspires us in so many ways – from the concept of the range itself (which was born here), to our very first store on Union Street which opened in 2002, to our state-of-the-art eco-office, The Green House, nestled behind the seaside town of Ryde. We are passionate about the island and love sharing its secrets with our customers. When I first joined the company, I even wrote a fun handbag-sized ‘Passport to the island’ for those who wanted more ideas for things to do when they visited us. Many continue to make pilgrimages across the globe to see us (only last week I met a New Zealander who returns here each year!). In fact, we were often asked – in those early days – ‘Do I need to bring my passport?’! Our treasured gem is truly on the map now, and many of you visit for family holidays or for chill-out time, to re-energise and restore.

Here are some top tips, whether you’re glamping in Dorset, surfing in Newquay, walking in the Lake District, or abseiling in the Cairngorms:

  • Cleanse every night – Daily sebum, grime and suncream build up over the summer months when we tend to be more active and outward-bound, and the humidity affects how much we perspire, so many of you are rightly scrupulous about cleansing during these hotter months. When you’re on holiday, try to take a few moments each day just to massage, massage, massage after cleansing – this helps increase circulation and elimination of toxins. A sure-fire way to achieve glowing, healthy-looking skin throughout your holiday.
  • Reach for Instant Boost Skin Tonic spritzer – On hot sticky nights, this is everyone’s ‘go-to’ to cool, calm, refresh and fragrance skin. Try behind the neck and at the top of the back, for extra refreshment on nights when the humidity is zapping you. The soothing aloe vera base is also great to calm sun-exposed skin, gently and lovingly. The aroma (rose-scented geranium) is sheer heaven – and feels very British in essence.
  • Switch up your moisturiser – Some people prefer a richer moisturiser (such as our heavenly Superskin™ Moisturiser) when the summer months leave skin feeling parched, others prefer stepping down to Skin Repair Moisturiser Light. Our moisturisers are hardworking and flexible, allowing you to step up/down with ease, without losing those famous results.
  • Make bath time your sanctuary – Try to carve out 5-10 minutes of total me-time while you’re away. Enjoy a bath filled with Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash,  or take a few minutes to indulge in a trusty treatment mask, to revive, calm, rehydrate and brighten skin in minutes.
  • Restore balance with Superskin™ Concentrate – It takes seconds to apply (with the clever rollerball or a few drops from the pump), absorbs in minutes, and you wake up with baby-soft, radiant skin. No matter how tired you are, your skin won’t show it.
  • Add instant glamour with our colour classics – A quick slick of our Strengthening Nail Colour works wonders with a tan, and ‘dresses up’ even the most pared-down outfit. For lips, just a dab of Lip Gloss, married with the Coral shade of our multi-tasking Healthy Glow Cream Blush, highlights a bronzed complexion. You only need a few select finishing touches to showcase your glorious Liz Earle healthy-looking skin.

Share your favourite UK travel tips here! And your own holiday skincare secrets… have a beautiful British summer!