Give Your Body the Beauty Routine It Deserves

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Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. January 29, 2017 | 2 min read

Our faces tend to get all the attention because it’s the first thing we see when we look in the mirror. Yet the rest of your skin deserves the same love, care and attention, no matter how many clothes may cover it. Investing in a well thought-out bodycare routine serves not only to help improve our skin’s tone and texture, but can help to boost mood and improve confidence levels. Here’s how…

Cleanse with care

The time of day will determine which body cleanser you should opt for. Mornings call for uplifting scents that awaken your senses, while a night-time shower will see soul soothing scents more likely to be sought after. Luckily at Liz Earle we have both! Revitalising and refreshing, our Energising Botanical Body Wash is formulated with a blend of 9 pure essential oils, and is ideal for a morning full-body cleanse. For the evening, our divine Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash is fragranced with a blend of 10 pure essential oils to delicately scent the skin while washing away the day to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Although they have difference fragrances, both our body washes are made with foaming agents naturally derived from corn and coconut, which makes them suitable for daily use on all skin types.

Expert tip

"Apply to a damp cloth or sponge and lather up before working into the skin – a little goes a long way and it will make your bottle last longer!"


Soothe with our skincare saviours

The ideal go-to cream for daily use, Nourishing Botanical Body Cream tackles dryness with ease thanks to its hydrating formula, enriched with shea butter, avocado oil, echinacea and hops extract, that helps skin retain moisture.

Finally, for when you need an extra touch of luxury, we have our brilliant Superskin™ Body Oils. For those on the go Superskin™ Dry Oil for Body absorbs quickly without skimping on the radiance result, meaning you can apply and get dressed as usual, making it perfect for those early starts when your beauty routine needs to be easy but effective.

 Expert tip

"With any moisturiser or body oil, apply directly after bathing while skin is still damp to help the product lock more moisture onto your skin.”


The Liz Earle Team x