Get Fit with Sarah – No Matter What the Season!

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Posted by Sarah Carr September 3, 2016 | 3 min read

In honour of National Fitness Day, which falls on the 7th September, I’m treating you to my top tips for keeping your workout routine on a roll when the weather starts to change. Less light and a drop in temperature can make even the most dedicated gym bunny contemplate snubbing the exercise in favour of curling up on the sofa with a duvet – but don’t give in! The transitional period between seasons provides the perfect opportunity to shake up your repetitive fitness routine, plus if you keep up the habit you will help beat the winter blues while keeping your skin glowing! From setting yourself some new goals and trying new activities, read on to discover my go-to tricks for keeping fit, no matter what the weather…

Try a fitness DVD or the swimming pool

On a cold, wet day, I love to re-centre without leaving my living room by popping a yoga DVD on. It’s so easy to practice this way, but there are so many options out there – especially online, so you can give everything from dancing to Pilates a go! If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to do it alone, why not make it more sociable and invite your friends to join you? Or, if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, head to your local pool instead! It’s warm, light and a personal favorite way of mine to exercise – just be sure to get wrapped up when you leave!

Get involved in seasonal events

I love a country and beach walks no matter what the season, but autumn is perfect for exploring – especially with all those piles of rustling leaves (who can resist?!). Once the cold snap sets in, I gather with my friends and family for a roaring bonfire, or we get wrapped up and head to the winter markets. For something more active, why not book an exercise class with friends and head for a walk and late breakfast or lunch afterwards? I always aim for 10,000 steps a day – it’s a great, easy and cost effective way to keep fit!

Get fit in style

I can testify that if you don’t have the right gear for the weather, your resolve to brave that run in it will diminish, and fast. The answer lies with layering – lots of thin layers will trap more body heat, keeping you toasty, but are also super easy to remove once you warm up. Plus, as some extra winter motivation, why not treat yourself to some fresh new gym kit – it’s my tried and tested secret… any excuse for a shopping trip!

Exercise in the morning

Exercising can seem like such a chore when it’s dark and cold – the shorter days and lack of sun can have a massive effect on your ‘get up and go’. But don’t be tempted to skip your fitness session – I try to fit in a run first thing in the morning (before my brain figures out what I’m doing!) and maybe catch the sunrise which is the best start to the day. Plus, it then means I have my evenings free to relax.

Sarah x