Our eco-conscious cotton cloths

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. June 6, 2019 | 1 min read

For over 20 years now, our pure cotton cloths have been our cleansing secret weapon, quietly working away behind the scenes to deliver the kind of radiantly healthy-looking results we’ve become known for.

Used with our multi award-winning Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser, they quickly and conveniently exfoliate, lifting away dead skin cells to reveal smoother, clearer and brighter-looking skin. Ask any Cleanse & Polish™ fan and they’ll soon tell you, they’re a bona fide beauty essential.

Our cloths are woven and sewn at a family mill in India, now run by two sisters. Both washable and reusable, they’re the original, eco-conscious face wipe. And while they won’t last forever – we recommend using a new cotton cloth every time you start a new pump – once they’ve performed their chief skin polishing duties, there are a plethora of other uses for your pre-loved cotton cloths. Just ask our Brand Ambassador, Caroline Archer.

“I always give my pure cotton cloths a second life once they’ve lost their ‘edge’. Soaked in warm water, they make great DIY wipes when the kids have been painting or playing outside. They also double up as hankies, for when hayfever season strikes.”

Caroline Archer, Brand Ambassador