We believe caring for your skin goes hand in hand with caring for yourself.  A radiant, healthy-looking complexion is a great confidence booster and when you look good, you feel good too. That’s why we made Superskin™ – our most luxurious yet results driven range designed to enhance the natural beauty of your skin at every age.

Advanced formulas meet luxurious textures

With luxurious textures and advanced formulas featuring our highest levels of plant ingredients, Superskin™ is a targeted upgrade to your daily routine. Whether it’s a change in climate or the natural passage of time, Superskin™ provides essential hydration and nourishment to help your complexion adjust and emerge looking brighter and feeling firmer.

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Superskin™ Face Serum

The role of a serum is completely different to that of a moisturiser, designed to target specific concerns, so it’s important to include both in your daily routine. Infused with a blend of powerful plant extracts, including Persian silk tree to even skin tone, pomegranate flower to lift and firm, and rhubarb to plump and smooth – 87% said skin felt smooth and moisturised.*

For best results:

Apply serum as an intermediate step after toning and before moisturising – this way skin has been suitably prepped by a thorough cleanse and tone ready to receive the next step in your routine. Smooth and press the serum into skin to help aid absorption.

Select the right moisturiser

Because a serum works differently to a face cream, you’ll still need to finish with your choice of preferred Liz Earle Moisturiser – Skin Repair™ or Superskin™ − to hydrate and smooth. You can read more about selecting the right moisturiser here.

Did you know?

The function of a moisturiser is to keep skin hydrated, while serums are formulated with more powerful targeted ingredients designed to absorb directly into the skin for visible results.

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Superskin™ Moisturiser – with natural neroli or unfragranced for sensitive skin

There are countless reasons why skin may start to lose its glow − harsh weather, hormonal change and of course, growing older. For luminous radiance at every age, our luxurious, 5-star rated Superskin™ Moisturisers are packed with powerful plant ingredients to deliver 12 hours of hydration for firmer-looking skin.**

A rich and luxurious texture

Featuring firming pomegranate flower extract and high levels of pure plant oils including cranberry, rosehip and nutritious British borage to lock in moisture, our rich, restorative blend transforms dry, dull or fatigued skin so it looks and feels incredibly smooth and soft, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5* favourites

Adored by our customers, reviews speak for themselves.

And that’s not all…

Because not all skin is the same, we have two options – delicately fragranced with the calming scent of natural neroli, or unfragranced for those with more sensitive skin.

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Superskin™ Eye Cream

Our targeted Superskin™ Eye Cream delivers the same impressive results you’d expect from the Superskin™ family, while also being specifically designed for the delicate eye contour – an area that reflects our energy levels and sense of vitality.

With a silky smooth texture that absorbs fast to instantly hydrate, our soothing eye cream is formulated with proven plant-based ingredients to visibly lift, firm and brighten dark circles. 79% said skin looked brighter, reducing the appearance of fine lines.***

Apply like a pro How you apply your eye cream can enhance its results. Follow these simple steps to achieve instantly refreshed, wide-awake eyes.

Step 1:

Cleanse and tone skin, then apply half a pump between your ring fingers.

Step 2:

Tap the cream in a circular motion using your ring finger, starting at the outer corner of your eye, moving under the eye and then over the orbital bone, out to any fine lines.

Step 3:

Smooth outwards around the eye contours, using both your middle and ring fingers.

Repeat each move 3 times to help the cream absorb.

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Superskin™ Concentrate for Night

Our 100% plant oil nocturnal skin balancer is perfect for facial massage. A 5-star rated golden concentrate, Superskin™ Concentrate for Night rebalances while it plumps, for soft, nourished skin by morning. 85% said skin looked rejuvenated and more nourished overnight.****

A rich, aromatic concentrate

Harnessing the innate balancing properties of botanical oils, we blend softening argan and hazelnut with hydrating rosehip and vitamin-rich avocado, plus the clean, calming scent of neroli, lavender and chamomile essential oils to soothe a busy mind and promote restful sleep.

Concentrate Vs serum

Used as an overnight treatment, Superskin™ Concentrate for Night’s luxurious texture and aromatic scent make it the perfect choice for a relaxing facial massage. Unlike Superskin™ Face Serum, which is water-based, the natural oils provide essential nourishment and hydration, helping to support its natural barrier.

Myth buster

It may seem counterintuitive, but plant oils suit oily skin types particularly well due to their innate balancing properties. When oily skin is stripped of its natural oils, for instance by harsh products, it sends a signal to the skin to over compensate, producing more sebum. Many natural oils on the other hand can help soothe and calm, while helping to balance your complexion.

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Wake up to supercharged radiance

Skin in need of extra nourishment? Enjoy the luxurious, calming effects of a Superskin™ mini treatment at home by applying Superskin™ Face Serum in the evening, finishing with Superskin™ Concentrate for Night.

Superskin™ Evening Routine

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*From a user trial of 99 participants after 4 weeks use.

**From a user trial of 95 participants after 4 weeks use.

***From a user trial of 114 participants after 4 weeks use.

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