Day 5

This surreal week was ending with a visit to the Liz Earle flagship store in Union Street, Ryde – where it had all begun and where people still go to enquire about Liz. It was fascinating and awesome being taken behind the scenes. This was where Liz and Kim would hand wrap the items for mail orders which would be dispatched from the nearby post office.

I had goose bumps when I visualised Liz and Kim working in the shop. The journey for them began in 1995, and my journey was just beginning. It seemed to me that so much had stayed the same, but also that so much had changed because without change, there is no progress and there is no survival. Yes, adapt and change, and keep moving forward as I had decided to do, by joining Liz Earle.

I was then armed with a huge shopping discount. Well, you can imagine the euphoria. I managed to exert some restraintbut only because I would have had difficulty packing it all into my case.

The induction on the island ended how it had begun, with lunch. I do not remember the meal as much as the remark casually made by Teresa. She said she had ordered a hot lunch for us because some of us would have very long journeys home and we could do with a good meal. It was such a kind thought and again, what came to mind was the ‘Precious Recipe’ and ‘we care more’, ‘we are one team’. I had come a long way in just a few days. I remember thinking that I did not know what the future would bring but that for the time being, I was very happy to be part of the Liz Earle family.

Keep smiling!