Day 3

I was let loose on some poor unsuspecting souls for skincare demonstrations and practical sessions. This was the day I felt most vulnerable and exposed with nowhere to hide. Operating a till was a terrifying prospect for me, let alone applying products on someone other than myself. I thought that was the day I would be found out, though I had been honest about my lack of direct relevant experience. I feared they were going to realise that they had made a mistake – it felt like the last supper! I wondered if I could persuade them to let me keep the goody bag.

I found myself sitting next to the lady who had worked for a high-end skincare brand and on my other side, a lady with many years experience in retail who had worked for a well-known beauty brand. My goodness, this lady could wax eyebrows! I thought about suddenly being struck down by some sickness so that I could escape, but there was no hide! The first lady was very kind to me when I attempted a mini facial on her and the second lady said she was impressed that I was not shaking as I tentatively applied mascara. Perhaps she was just relieved that I had managed to avoid poking her eye out. Day 3 had been nerve-wracking, but I had survived, and nobody had escorted me to Wightlink.