Colour therapy via Instagram? Yes please

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. December 5, 2018 | 3 min read

A shimmering turquoise sky. The intense emerald green of a pine forest canopy. Sunshine yellow bananas. The colours we encounter every day can uplift and inspire us, even showing links with our physical wellbeing. But what if your immediate environment is more grayscale than rainbow? Don’t fret. What your natural surroundings may lack, especially in the depths of winter, the technicolour realm of Instagram can provide.

This is colour therapy, or chromotherapy as it’s sometimes known, smartphone style. And while we sometimes struggle with the less healthy aspects of social media, this is one activity we’re happy to indulge in on a daily basis. So here are 6 of the most heavily hued accounts we’re following for our daily dose of Pantone positivity – just flicking through these colour-saturated accounts makes us smile.

Philippa Stanton aka @5ftinf

Artist Philippa’s feed is a veritable scrapbook of colour-filled craft projects, paintings and installations inspired by her experience of Synaesthesia – a condition that allows her to visualise sound and hear colours. Expect arty compositions comprised of colour-themed foliage, fruit and flora (on her now infamous kitchen table) which bring nature instantly to life on screen. Her first book, Conscious Creativity, is available to buy now.

Will Taylor aka @brightbazaar

With a hugely popular blog (and book) of the same name, Will Taylor’s creative mantra is all about embracing colour for ‘make you smile’ style. A Brit design consultant now relocated in NYC, his feed originally focused on interiors, but has since expanded to encompass travel, fitness and fashion on the side, which in true Bright Bazaar style is all painstakingly colour coordinated. We love his recent posts of autumnal tree-scapes.

Carrie Colbert aka @carriec

After a successful career in engineering in the oil and gas industries, Carrie Colbert turned her attentions to more colourful endeavours. Her website, a hub for creativity and lifestyle content, is dedicated to empowering women to ‘live, think and dress with more colour.’ Unsurprisingly her insta feed is a riotous rainbow showcasing her bold colour clash aesthetic and just about every technicolour mural this side of Texas.

Stella Maria Baer aka @ stellamariabaer

For when you’re all rainbowed out, painter Stella Maria Baer’s feed quietly soothes with the more restorative side of the colour wheel. Inspired by the arid desert landscapes of her native New Mexico, it’s all red oxide, sand tones and ethereal neutrals that feel like a warm hug in the often anonymous world of online. Her paintings and photographs induce an otherworldly serenity when we’re feeling super stressed, not to mention the adorable cameos from baby son Wyeth and her shaggy ombre sheepdog, Fox.

Brittany Jepsen aka @crafttherainbow

A self-titled ‘professional creative messer’ Brittany Jepson is an interior and product designer who has worked for mega brands like Jonathon Adler and Tiffany and Co. These days she documents her colourful creations on her blog, The House the Lars Built, while simultaneously curating Crafttherainbow which has since spawned a book of the same name featuring ’40 colourful paper projects’ to inject some colour into your home and life.

Karen Haller aka @karen_haller_colour

A colour psychologist who works with businesses and individuals to promote confidence and better wellbeing, Karen Haller’s Instagram feed is a meditation on pigment. With 20+ years of experience under her belt, Karen is the UK’s authority on applied colour therapy consulting for brands like FIAT and Farrow and Ball. It all comes to vivid fruition on her Instagram feed, a lovingly-curated collection of eclectic images grouped into colour families.