Caroline’s Top 5 Tips for Moving More

Caroline Archer, Brand Ambassador

Posted by Caroline Archer July 30, 2016 | 3 min read

Between looking after my girls, work and catching up with friends, I’ll be the first person to admit that it can be a challenge to squeeze in a daily dose of exercise. However, it’s so important to take that time to focus on yourself – even just a few minutes of activity here and there can make a huge difference in today’s hectic lifestyle – not only to your health, but also to your wellbeing. With that in mind, I’m pleased to share with you my top tips that will help you easily add movement into your day without causing trouble to your timetable.

Politely decline that cup of tea!

Walking to the kitchen or your staff canteen just a few times a day can help protect you from the dangers of long periods of sitting, which has been linked to weight gain and back problems as well as poor flexibility. What’s more, it’ll also give your eyes and wrists a much needed break, too!

Do ten squats every time you go to the bathroom

Squats are a great all-round exercise that are easy to master and don’t require a huge amount of room, and are easy to master. They work the majority of your muscles while being low impact, and the movement helps to activate your glutes, core and midline control, getting the blood flowing to your inactive muscles. The activation and strengthening of these muscles will help improve your posture, which in turn will help protect against sitting-related injuries.

Park further away

Again, this is another easy way to rack up the amount of steps you’re taking every day. If you’re pushed for time or running late, there’s no reason you can’t park closer – but still challenge yourself and take the stairs instead of the lift. I always try to do two steps at a time, which recreates a lunge step. The larger step depth helps work your glutes, quad and hamstring muscles – not to mention your cardiovascular system, giving you a mini workout!

Don’t sit down when you’re on the phone

Imagine how many steps you could take while on the phone for 20 minutes! Walking and talking will help re-energise your body with minimal effort. If possible, it’s also a great idea to try to organise meetings in the local park. The walk will the give everyone the chance to stretch their legs and the fresh air will induce a sense of calm, allowing the creative juices to flow more easily.

Avoid emails where possible

Walking around engages your core muscles and stimulates the flow of oxygen to your brain, which increases energy and concentration levels. Not only that, but speaking to your colleagues face to face is simply a far nicer way of working!

Caroline x