Caroline Archer’s New Year’s Honours list

Posted by Caroline Archer January 9, 2019 | 3 min read

A new year represents a fresh start, but it’s also a timely moment to look back and recognise the people who’ve inspired us in the last twelve months. So, in the spirit of gratitude for those who enrich our lives on a daily basis, our Brand Ambassador Caroline Archer shares her nominations for her New Year’s Honours list 2019.

Milla, Liz Earle Brand Team

“In my industry the world often feels like it’s moving at lightning speed, so I value that we take our time here at Liz Earle to get things right. Our team is critical to this, so my first nomination goes out to my colleague Milla, a member of the Liz Earle Brand Team, whose dedication and focus always inspires me. Her love of developing new products led to the launch of our fruity chypre fragrance Botanical Essence™ No.9 a couple of years ago, and her passion for its provenance and ingredient integrity opened up a whole new world to me in terms of fragrance creation. As I prepared for our final QVC shows of 2018 I revisited her training notes and it motivated me to love the fragrance all over again. There’s always someone at work who keeps us focused on the good stuff isn’t there? Milla is that person for many of us here. I think it’s important to tell people that you rate them, in all areas of your life, so this is my shout-out to Milla. I’m immensely proud of her and her work ethic.”

Josephine, my 7 year-old daughter

“In terms of helping others, I wanted to quietly offer my 7 year-old daughter Josephine a gold star. After Christmas when she’d surveyed her gifts and then laid out her hard-earned pocket money, she decided to choose love by donating her little savings pot (which I duly matched) to the brilliant charity Help Refugees, opting to buy a child’s coat, boots, blankets and some arrival bundles for families in crisis via the charity’s ingenious Choose Love store. This was completely unprompted – her own idea after we discussed the various humanitarian crises around the world this year. I’m immensely proud of her every day, in how she handles sibling life with her beloved elder sister, who has special needs. But here, further away from home, whatever your political persuasions may be, basic humanity is apolitical. It’s even more profound seen through the eyes (and questions) of your own child.”

Sali Hughes, journalist and co-founder of Beauty Banks

“A wee bit closer to home, Sali HughesBeauty Banks charity is making big in-roads in the UK to help so many in need source basic personal care items that many of us take for granted. I’ve followed Sali for years and am a huge fan of her wit and wisdom, in beauty and beyond. This UK-based charity (co-founded by Jo Jones) has already been recognised by a well-deserved CEW Achiever Award, but I want to nominate Sali simply because she’s amazing, focused and fierce in her determination to help others. I love a woman who stands up for what she believes in and uses her power to do good.”   

Caroline x