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Build Your Fragrance Wardrobe

Posted by Caroline Archer February 3, 2017 | 4 min read

A spritz of fragrance is the easiest and perhaps the most luxurious way of boosting your mood. While it can be tempting to stock up on a plethora of perfumes to suit your shifting mindset, I recommend investing in a just a choice few – the idea is that you want to build a signature fragrance wardrobe, not an oversized and confused collection! With that in mind, I’ve created a quick, handy guide so you can find your signature scent with ease.

Find a scent to suit the season

Taking the seasons into account is rule number one when searching for your signature scent. Spring and summer call for light, crisp and refreshing notes that work in harmony with the warmth of the sun and light breezes. Think zesty and sparkling notes of citrus, light floral accents of rose, jasmine and lavender teamed with accords vanilla, ylang ylang and sandalwood.

Then, as the first leaves of autumn begin to fall, you’ll want to marry nature’s technicolor spectrum of rich greens, golden yellows and ruby reds with decadent and intense notes of smoky leather and succulent forest fruits. Musk and amber will also help to evoke images of golden leaves, pine forests and cosy fireplaces. These notes guarantee instant warmth no matter how cold the temperature gets.

Botanical Essence No.15

Where to wear

The rise in mercury is a signal that your new scent needs to be light, airy, and refreshing as your favourite thirst-quenching tipple. For those who work in a busy office or have a long commute, I’d advise steering clear of rich floral scents as they can be quite dense and overpowering. Instead, go for white florals and citrus notes. If you’re abroad, citrus based scents work wonderfully because they’re so sprightly, so even on the hottest of nights they have a cooling and calming effect on your mood.

As you reach October you’ll notice that autumnal scents tend to be quite heady, so bear in mind festive parties or gatherings. If the location is very intimate or small children will be there, you don’t want a scent that is too overbearing. Equally, if you’re heading abroad skiing then you need to think about the high altitudes as they tend to decrease longevity and potency of perfume. If you’re flying off for a week in the mountains, then I suggest choosing a stronger concentration like an Eau de Parfum over a Cologne or Eau de Toilette, as they have the staying power of anywhere from 4-5 hours.


Test your perfume like a pro

Before purchasing your signature scent always test on your skin, then allow it to settle and mingle with your natural scent. Try not to smell more than three fragrances in one go, as your sense of smell tends to lose its sharpness. Alternatively, carry round a cup of coffee – the fragrance of the beans cleanse the nose palate between each sniff. Another tip that pros always follow is to try your fragrances at different times of the day to really ascertain if it’s going to be your signature scent, and figure out when you might choose a particular perfume to wear.


Scents to suit your skin type

When you’re choosing your signature scent, it’s really important to think about your skin type, as fragrance will last longer on oilier skin than dry. Those with oilier skin might prefer to opt for an Eau de Toilette, which can be expected to last for 2-3 hours. For those who have drier skin, the scent may fade faster, so it’s best to opt for an Eau de Parfum, which lasts in the region of 4-5 hours.


Wear with care

To get the most out of your scent, only spritz 2-3 times and always near your pulse points such as the forearms, behind ears and knees. These areas are where blood flow is closer to the surface of the skin, making it warm, which in turn allows for the diffusing of fragrance particles. Simply hold the bottle 5-6 inches away from skin and spritz. Be sure to allow to the scent to dry naturally though – if you rub it in you run the risk of crushing the fragrance, which alters the chemicals and scent balance. Hair also holds scent really well so don’t be afraid to spritz over the top of your head. It’s also an idea to try to avoid the wrists when spritzing – the leather and metal from watches and jewellery can affect how your fragrance develops. Go for the forearms instead!


I hope you find my tips helpful in your quest for the perfect fragrance wardrobe.

Caroline x