1 Week to Go

With just seven days to go, the final wedding prep can feel like a mad panic, but try if you can to maintain a sense of mindfulness and enjoy every moment for what it is, maybe adding in an extra yoga class or by practicing some mindful meditation to make some time for yourself.


  • For the last week, concentrate on getting as much hydration into the skin as possible which will have a naturally plumping, glow-boosting effect on your complexion. Be sure to drink the recommended 2 litres of water a day and if skin is feeling a little parched, use our Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask, followed by a light massage with Superskin™ Concentrate for Night.


  • With one week to go, be sure your skin is silky smooth, buffed and revitalised by using a gentle body scrub on damp skin in the shower or bath. Follow up post-bathing with a deeply hydrating formula, like our Superskin™ Dry Oil for Body. Alternatively, book in for our Firm & Smooth Ritual − an indulgent body treatment that works to refresh, while improving tone and texture for visibly firmer, smoother skin. Smooth, hydrated skin is also the perfect foundation for a flawless fake tan, so put in the prep whether you’re getting a spray tan, or DIY-ing it at home.

Hair and make up

  • Assemble your beauty kit for the wedding day, full of everything you need for on-the-spot touch ups. Include a double of your chosen lipstick or gloss, blotting papers to absorb excess oil, a light-reflecting concealer, deodorant, pain killers (in case of troublesome headaches), a few plasters, cotton buds for mascara touch ups, tissues, a mini can of hairspray and a few spare hair grips if you’re opting for an up ‘do.


  • Book your waxing appointment for this week, but try and give yourself at least two days for any residual redness or inflammation to calm.
  • Plan your final manicure towards the end of this week. Gel nails are a good hardwearing option, especially on toes, and will take you seamlessly from walking down the aisle to your honeymoon beach debut and beyond. On hands, opt for a pretty pale shade that will downplay any dinks or chips.

Health and wellbeing

  • While you may feel tempted to stay up late finishing last-minute tasks, set yourself a sleep curfew and stick to it. Lack of sleep not only depletes your skin, it will make you feel sluggish and more likely to reach for sugary snacks and caffeine, all of which can contribute to dull skin and breakouts, which you definitely want to avoid!

Complete your relaxation ritual



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