1 Day to Go

Just 24 hours to go! Plan in at least one fun, non-wedding-related activity today to give yourself a break ahead of the big day. It could be something as simple as taking a walk in the woods, or curling up with your favourite book for half an hour (where you won’t be disturbed) − anything that provides a change of scenery and gives you a moment to recharge your inner wellbeing.


  • To help calm pre-wedding jitters before bedtime, spend five minutes performing a relaxing bridal facial massage with a few pumps of Superskin™ Concentrate for Night. Not only will the blend of pure plant oils nourish and hydrate your skin overnight, the calming essential oils of lavender and chamomile will help you drift off for a blissful night’s sleep.

At-home facial massage technique

  • Step 1 Apply one pump of Superskin Concentrate™ for Night over the face and neck, then press your thumbs against your inner brows. Push up and hold for 10 seconds.
  • Step 2 Use your index and middle fingers to push up under cheekbones, press and hold for 10 seconds then glide out.
  • Step 3 Pinch along the jaw with the thumb and forefinger. Hold each point for 5-10 seconds.
  • Step 4 Don’t forget to treat your neck too – press and hold all your fingers under the collarbone and work outwards for blissful relaxation.

Hair and make up

  • Make one last final check to ensure you have everything you need for your chosen wedding makeup looks. Check levels of foundation, concealer, eye makeup and powder in plenty of time before the shops close, you don’t want to be caught short tomorrow!


  • While a bridal facial is generally best avoided in the week before your wedding, a relaxing back massage – like our Botanical Bliss Back Massage – could be just the thing to help ease away tension that can manifest in tight shoulders and even headaches. It’s also a lovely chance to switch off, rest and rejuvenate before what promises to be a fun-packed day tomorrow.
  • For a final nourishing hit of hydration for feet and hands, apply a generous layer of your favourite hand or foot cream and massage in thoroughly before you go to sleep. Wearing a pair of cotton socks or gloves will help intensify the moisturising effects even further.


  • Prepare your ‘dressing room’ by placing scented candles (safely out of the way!) in the space where you and your bridesmaids plan to get ready.

Last-minute treats



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