A day in the life of Area Manager, Tess

Ever wondered what it’s like to lead a team of Service Superstars? We asked Tess, one of our Area Managers, to tell all about what a regular day in her role entails, from breakfast to bedtime, revealing her favourite aspects of the job and her proudest moments so far at Liz Earle.

My working day starts at 8am with breakfast and preparation for the week ahead. My job involves a lot of travel, so on the days I find myself needing an extra boost of energy, I’ll have a pint of water with a Berocca, followed by a large Cappuccino. Sometimes the day needs a little kickstart!

Monday is a ‘home day’ as it gives me the time to look back and review the previous week. As an Area Manager for the retail division of Liz Earle, we hold conference calls with all our teams to plan for success in the week ahead. The rest of my week is predominantly spent with the teams in store which I really enjoy – you really can’t beat face to face interaction.

Depending on the week, I can spend between 15-20 hours in the car – visiting stores from Cambridge to Norwich to Milton Keynes! One place I haven’t visited on business yet is Ireland, but it is a place I would love to go to in the future. This is what I enjoy the most about working in the field – getting to work with so many different teams in different cities every day. While the travel can be tiring at times, I love that it keeps every day fresh and interesting.

If I’m on the road, I usually like to spend the time catching up with my team and other Area Managers. My phone and hands-free kit is the most important work possession I have in this respect – it allows me to take calls from my team for anything from a quick catch up to a lengthy conversation. Between store visits or travelling, I’ll usually grab a lunch from Pret (my favourite) and after 4pm I often enjoy listening to Greg James’ slot on Radio 1 in the car.

I try and maintain a good work-life balance by finishing work before 7pm, but it can often be earlier or later depending on what needs doing. Once the working day is done, my partner and I take turns cooking dinner and depending on how messy it is, we will choose between sitting at the dining room table, so we can chat about our day, or settling in front of the TV for a cosy night in.

I’m a night owl and although I’m always in bed at a reasonable hour, I will usually stay awake for a while with an audiobook or a good series. Finally, to end my day, I enjoy a cup of Coconut Green Tea – it never fails to send me to sleep!

If I were to reflect on my time with Liz Earle, I would have to say my proudest moment would be progressing from a Counter Manager on to Area Manager after covering a colleague’s Maternity leave. Through hard work and the support of a company that allowed me to grow, I was able to keep the job permanently!

We’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Tess for sharing her ‘A Day in the Life’ story.

The People & Development Team