6 wellness apps to download now

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. March 21, 2018 | 3 min read

We’re the first to admit that too much screen time can be overwhelming, but these wonderful wellness apps are transforming the way we feel about our devices. Blending cutting edge tech with practical science, they’re helping us sleep better, think smarter and feel more positive about, well basically, everything.

Apps that track your monthly cycle are all the rage, shedding new light on how energy levels and emotions are affected as hormones fluctuate. Clue is our current favourite, leaving literally no stone unturned in the pursuit of getting to know our bodies’ better. Input your symptoms and lifestyle choices and chart the effects of your period over the course of 28(ish) days. Also worth a mention, is the hotly anticipated Moody-U forecasting app, due to launch 2018 with a mission to ‘empower every women to harness their moods through understanding their hormonal and emotional selves.’ Amen to that.

With a promise to teach the ‘life-changing skills of meditation’ in a few minutes each day, this app has notched up over 11 million downloads since 2012. Created by two Londoners −Andy Puddicome, a Buddhist monk, and Rich Pierson, who sought Puddicome’s help to deal with his stressful advertising career − what started out as a live meditation event for businesses is now a global phenomenon. Select single guided meditations, or choose to tailor your ‘pack’ around a specific theme, such as Relationships or Motivation. Plus they’ve just collaborated with Nike to create audio guided runs (available via the Nike Run Club app).

Pillow’s tagline − ‘sleep better, wake up refreshed’ – had us scrabbling to hit download. With the ability to sync to Apple Watch and Apple’s in-built Health function, this app’s smart sleep functions will help improve the quality of your sleep, while smart analytics decode your habits and even record you snoozing (yes, you do snore). Like similar apps, Pillow’s alarm function will choose the optimal moment to wake you based on your sleep cycle and preferred timeframe, but it’s features like the handy power nap mode that keep us coming back for more.

My Possible Self
A seemingly invaluable app for modern living, My Possible Self helps users take control of the stress and anxiety that can thwart us all from time to time. After an initial assessment, the app designs a custom plan built around 3 core emotions it asks you to track − examples might be irritability, stress or lack of motivation − and uses this input to deliver clinically-proven coping mechanisms that can help you navigate life’s many hurdles a little more comfortably.


Calm, the meditation and mindfulness app with over 321k followers on Instagram, may have been Apple’s App of The Year in 2017, but its success shows no sign of waning. The bulk of the app consists of guided meditations, sorted by theme, to provide a practical framework with which to practise daily mindfulness and meditation techniques, but we also love features like Sleep Stories, atmospheric bedtime tales narrated by the likes of Stephen Fry and actress Danai Gurira to help you drift off into a deep, restful slumber.

This psychologist-approved mood journal app is based on CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to help identify and discard unhelpful negative thought patterns. Each day the app asks users how they are feeling and asks them to respond to a smiley face, altering it to reflect their current mood with an option to add notes. Over time, Moodnotes will track and analyse your thoughts, highlighting potential ‘thinking traps’ and even prompting you to comment on your newfound sense of self-awareness. Better mental wellbeing, here we come.

The Liz Earle Team x