6 recipe books for health-conscious cooks

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. April 12, 2018 | 4 min read

A browse through the bestsellers at any bookstore confirms it − the age of the wellness cookbook is well and truly upon us. With exotic-sounding ingredients and food styling to-die-for, these tasty titles are perfect for whiling away a lazy weekend morning while you compile your fantasy shopping list.

How to Eat Better, by James Wong

Our inspiration for this post, we have hand-on-heart not stopped cooking the recipes in James Wong’s brilliant How To Eat Better since it landed on our desks last year. In his latest book, our resident Ethnobotanist separates health food fact from fiction and debunks a plethora of superfood hype to deliver three themed chapters – fruit, vegetables and store cupboard – choc full of technicolour recipes designed to excite your taste buds and maximise nutrition. For a taster of what’s inside, check out his latest blog post here.

The Modern Cook’s Year, by Anna Jones

If you loved Anna Jones’ A Modern Way To Eat and A Modern Way To Cook, The Modern Cook’s Year will not disappoint. An ode to the nuances of seasonal eating, the vegetarian way, the photography alone is enough to induce palpable hunger pangs. Accompanied by Anna’s wonderfully evocative recipes and helpful ingredient lists, The Modern Cook’s Year deserves a place at every table, veggie or not. We are particularly looking forward to rustling up a batch of the wild garlic and yoghurt baked eggs for Sunday brunch.

The Doctor’s Kitchen, by Dr Rupy Aujla

Topping the bestseller charts with his common-sense approach to food as medicine, NHS GP Dr Rupy Aujla may seem an unlikely poster boy for the wellness movement, but don’t be fooled. What sets his debut book, The Doctor’s Kitchen, apart from so many others is the wealth of clinical evidence he has to support the therapeutic benefits of his dishes. Chapters tackle everything from how to improve gut health to feeding your DNA. If only all visits to the GP were as inspiring.

Super Foods Super Fast − 100 energizing recipes to make in 20 minutes or less, by Julie Montagu

There’s something so relatable and unpreachy about Julie Montagu, aka the Flexi Foodie (and our brand new US ambassador) that we instantly warmed to her. In her latest cookbook, Super Foods Super Fast, Julie gets to the crux of why when we’re busy and stressed, healthy eating can go out the window. To counter this, she offers a host of ideas for vibrant, appetising and nutritious dishes that can all be assembled in 20 minutes flat – less time than it takes to order and unpack a takeaway. Chapters are split into meals for ease and the weekly planners are a lifesaver for busy people.

BOSH! The Cookbook, by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby

2018 may well be described as the year when veganism went mainstream, but even if you’re reluctant to forgo your weekly burger and shake, there are undoubtedly pros to upping the plants on your plate. This is the mission of BOSH! founders Henry and Ian whose YouTube cookery channel has already clocked up 19,000 followers. Now they are launching a handsome debut cookbook (check out the making of it here) packed full of mouth-watering vegan recipes to convert even the most enthusiastic carnivores.

Beauty Food, by Maria Ahlgren

Due for release this June, the tagline on our review copy of Maria Ahlgren’s gorgeous-looking book – 85 recipes for health and beauty within – had us hooked. A Scandi Beauty Editor and podcaster, Ahlgren has collated a batch of Instagram-friendly breakfasts, mains, juices and smoothies to nourish your inner, and outer, glow. There’s also a handy Beautypedia section which details vital stats on key ingredients with beneficial oils, minerals, vitamins and acids to help tackle common beauty ailments.

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