5 wellness ways to celebrate Wimbledon 2018

Posted by Liz Earle Beauty Co. June 29, 2018 | 2 min read

As far as British institutions go, Wimbledon is pretty up there. And being of similarly homegrown stock, we feel almost duty-bound to take the time to enjoy the tennis. But don’t think we’ll be slouching on the sofa, remote in hand. No no, with 14 days of top-flight tennis ahead we’ll take this golden opportunity to marry our extended screen time with a serious side order of wellness. Here’s how…

  1. Blend a Centre Court smoothie
    We’ll leave the exact recipe up to you, but it absolutely must include Wimbledon’s berry of choice − the strawberry. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, plus a rich source of antioxidants, pair your strawbs with nourishing almond milk or hydrating coconut water for a delicious smoothie to enjoy courtside.
  2. Multi-mask your way to match point
    For those crunch matches that just go on and on and on, we’ve got the perfect multi-masking treatment planned. Simply select your favourite combination of face masks – to target specific zones of your face − a clean towel and cotton cloths or sponges for removal, plus a bowl of warm water and a mirror, then retire to your TV viewing station and get busy. Need a hand choosing the right masks? This handy guide is a good place to start.
  3. Don’t let rain stop play
    It simply wouldn’t be Wimbledon without a few unexpected downpours. Unfortunately, this tends to play havoc with one’s hair. So, whether you’re watching in your garden at home, or braving the elements down at Henman Hill, get in the Wimbledon spirit by donning a rainproof poncho or bringing out your biggest golf umbrella to shelter under. You can also help minimise frizz by using our Botanical Shine™ Nourishing Hair Oil on damp hair before styling.
  4. Spectate in style
    Watching the often A-list audience at Wimbledon is a guilty pleasure almost as gripping as the tennis itself. For her glowy complexion we nominate Serbian Jelena Djokovic, wife of Novak, while Kim Murray’s now infamous blow dry has more bounce than her husband’s serve. Happy spectating people.
  5. Make like the pros (sort of)
    After some of the tenser matches, it’s vital to partake in some post-match recovery. While we’ll happily leave the ice baths to the players (it reduces muscle aches, apparently) we’re all set to bathe away our spectating tension – think hunched shoulders and clenched fists – with a nice long dip.