Your Skin Repair™ questions answered

  • How do I choose the right texture?

    All three formulas provide 72 hours of hydration, it’s the textures and how they feel on your skin that differs: 

    • Gel Cream provides cooling, refreshing hydration – for when your skin feels oily.
    • Light Cream provides silky, balanced hydration – for normal/combination skin days. 
    • Rich Cream provides nourishing, intense hydration – for when your skin feels very dry.

  • Why have you changed the Skin Repair™ formula?

    We’ve tweaked our new Skin Repair™ formulations to include the latest moisturising technology for 72 hours of hydration. We’ve also added a new naturally derived botanical fragrance, and improved the traceability of our other natural ingredients. These new formulas also put texture first, instead of traditional skin types.