Psoriasis is a common, non-contagious and distressing skin complaint. Varying in severity, it is caused when skin cells reproduce too quickly. Usually skin renews itself every 28 days but psoriasis sufferers have a much faster turnover of skin cells - around every four days. The condition is characterised by red, scaly, raised patches of dead skin known as 'plaques'. These patches, which vary in size from a few millimetres to several centimetres across, can fall off, often leaving small areas of skin bleeding. Some sufferers also experience itching.

Our skincare advice and product recommendations

As with any skin condition avoid using soap, perfumed shower gels or bubble baths. Although not a medicated product, our Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash is detergent-free and offers a gently cleansing alternative. You could also try bathing with a mild and non-drying emollient lotion; your pharmacist will be able to recommend a good one.

Frequently apply a moisturising emollient cream. This will help to keep skin soft and supple and may also help disguise the appearance of flaking skin. Our Nourishing Botanical Body Cream is a concentrated, hydrating body cream helps the skin retain moisture throughout the day.

Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash

Nourishing Botanical Body Cream

Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash Nourishing Botanical Bpdy Cream

For specific patches of irritation, our conditioning skin salve Superbalm may help to soothe and calm skin.



Other useful advice

  • There are also natural treatment creams containing specialised EFAs and other helpful oils that can be applied topically. A good one is Dermanova PS-98, which contains omega-3 fish oils, neem seed oils and cactus extracts.

For more detailed advice and treatments read our psoriasis fact sheet, or use our online Live Help.

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