Eczema, in some cases also known as dermatitis, is a common and non-contagious skin condition. Its severity varies and it is characterised by patches of hot, itchy, scaly skin which may produce weeping blisters and a clear discharge. With repeated scratching, skin can become raw and bleed; thickening or discolouration of the skin may also occur.

Our skincare advice and product recommendations

Avoid using soap, perfumed shower gels or bubble baths. Our Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash is a gentle alternative. You can also bathe using a mild, non-drying emollient lotion recommended by your pharmacist.

Apply an emollient frequently throughout the day; this not only keeps skin soft and supple, but also helps to disguise the appearance of flaking skin. Our Nourishing Botanical Body Cream is a concentrated, hydrating body cream helps the skin retain moisture throughout the day.

Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash

Nourishing Botanical Body Cream

Orange Flower botanical Body Wash Nourishing Botanical Body Cream
We are a family who 'know' our products... my son is prone to eczema and incredibly dry skin, uses Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash with no reaction (and he loves the scent!). Mrs Karen Frances Sadler

For more detailed advice and treatments read our eczema fact sheet, or use our online Live Help.

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