Unfortunately 'orange peel' skin on arms, thighs and bottom is something that affects 95% of women as it's linked to female hormones, including oestrogen, and is simply the way the female body stores fat. Cellulite can affect all shapes and sizes, but is something that can be improved with a few clever lifestyle changes.

Our skincare advice and product advice

Dry body brushing with our Natural Bristle Body Brush every morning before you shower can help improve blood circulation and aid the lymphatic system, which in turn can improve the appearance of cellulite. Starting at your feet, sweep the brush along your skin, up towards your heart using long strokes, concentrating on areas that are prone to lumps and bumps.

A number of botanical ingredients, including ivy, butcher's broom, horse chestnut and ginkgo biloba, can have a skin stimulating and de-puffing effect when applied to the skin. This is why our potent Energising Hip and Thigh Gel includes these naturally active ingredients. Try massaging it into any 'problem' areas to help improve skin tone and relieve areas prone to fluid retention for smoother-looking skin.

Natural Bristle Body Brush

Energising Hip and Thigh Gel

Body Brush Energising Hip and Thigh Gel
I have been using Energising Hip and Thigh Gel for about a month now and have really noticed how much softer and less dimply my thighs and tops of arms have become, and the smell is adorable, I love it! Miss Kay Bolton

Other useful advice

  • Cardiovascular, toning and stretching exercises can help improve the appearance of cellulite by making skin look tauter and tighter.
  • Limit processed foods, white sugar and flour, alcohol, caffeine, saturated fat and tobacco in your diet. Instead, opt for a diet with plenty of wholesome, fresh food, such as vegetables, fish, poultry, nuts, seed and olive oil.
  • Drinking plenty of water can help flush out our toxins and assist the lymphatic system, so is another important tip for those who are trying to minimise cellulite.

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