When many of you asked us to create an uplifting fragrance, we began an exciting three year journey to develop our first fine fragrance, Botanical Essence No.1 – a fresh citrus scent with an exquisite floral heart, perfect for spritzing any time your spirits need a boost.

For our second fine fragrance, our customers requested something a little more sensual, seductive and intense for the evenings. So we've blended fifteen of the world's most precious botanicals to create a unique fresh oriental fragrance with exotic spicy notes – Botanical Essence No.15.

Our third fine fragrance, Botanical Essence No.100, was a limited edition created in partnership with the RHS to celebrate the centenary of the Chelsea Flower Show 2013. Captivating, evocative and beautifully wearable, it captures the exquisite fresh scent of a hand-tied bouquet of flowers.

All our fine fragrances have been sourced using the finest quality ingredients from around the world and handcrafted by leading French perfumers.

Botanical Essence No.100

Our fresh floral fragrance, Botanical Essence No.100, has also been created by Alienor Massenet and is over 90% derived from natural ingredients. Experience the blossoming notes of Damask rose, orange flower and Indian jasmine, gently entwined by the subtle sensuality of cypress, sandalwood and Bourbon vanilla, finished with the light, transcendent clarity of mandarin and bergamot.

Botanical Essence No.15

Fifteen precious botanicals from around the globe including pink pepper, bergamot and sandalwood have been carefully selected and handcrafted by one of the world's leading female perfumers to create Botanical Essence No.15. With over 90% directly derived from natural ingredients, this fresh spicy oriental scent is synonymous with feeling seductive and elegant.

FiFi award 2013

We've been very fortunate to work with an award-winning French female perfumer, Alienor Massenet, to create this sensual, feminine eau de parfum.

It's unusual to work with such a high spend per kilo – it meant we could choose ingredients of a very high quality. I felt like a chef who gets to play with all the special ingredients!.Alienor Massenet

Botanical Essence No.1

Over 98% directly derived from natural ingredients, this sparkling, vibrant scent is a complex blend of botanicals. Some, such as mandarin orange, are new to us, but others like high-altitude lavender you may already recognise from our Hand Repair, Superskin™ Concentrate for Night and Superbalm.