The story of Liz Earle Colour

We're a company run by women, inspired by women, and we love make up. We know that a great foundation will make you feel more confident, a mascara can help you feel ready to face the day, and sometimes you treat yourself to a new lipstick – just because.

Over the past 17 years, our customers have been asking us to launch a make up range that delivers the same outstanding results as our skincare, and we wanted to share the tips and tricks we've learned over our years in the beauty industry.

So combining our skincare heritage with the expertise of a select team of make up professionals, we created Liz Earle Colour, an impeccably edited collection of multi-tasking make up, enriched with the skin-friendly botanicals you expect from us. With mistake-proof formulas, flattering finishes and a range of gorgeous shades, our products have been carefully designed with our customers in mind and are perfect for all ages and skin types. This is make up that will make you look and feel just like you…only at your most beautiful, confident and radiant best!

Whether you're looking for a simple daytime glow or full-on glamour for a night out, I love the fact that our colour range has everything you needLiz Earle, Co-founder

Meet Nathalie

Q. What inspired you to become a make up artist?

A. I've always been really fascinated by make up, I love the colours, the textures, the smells... its ability to change someone and give them confidence. I suppose it started when I was eight years old and my mum went for a facial. The girl doing the facial was absolutely gorgeous, and it just looked so relaxing with all the products she used on my mum. Afterwards I was obsessed with the beauty industry, even at that stage. I loved all the glamour and the transformation that make up can bring, not just physically but emotionally as well.

Q. Are you excited about working with Liz Earle?

A. I'm very excited about working with Liz Earle, because I actually went to school in Ryde on the Isle of Wight from the age of 11, which is where the very first Liz Earle store is. So I became really familiar with the brand – it was like a little bit of luxury on the island. I remember going in the store and everything smelling beautiful, and I just loved the whole philosophy behind the range. I love the fact that while they are naturally based, the products really do work, and do what they say they're going to do.

Q. What's your favourite Liz Earle product?

A. I love the Healthy Glow Cream Blush – especially the shade Camellia. I think it's just the perfect colour – so beautiful and really gorgeous on lips as well.

Q. What's your definition of beauty?

A. I think we're being forced into what we think should be beautiful by the media – those very unrealistic ideas of what we're told women, and even men, should look like now. It's a shame because I think beauty is all about being natural, being happy. I think confidence plays a really big part – you have to be happy and just look after yourself. Taking time out for yourself as a woman is really important, even if you're a mum, even if you work full-time. It's important to give yourself that little bit of luxury each day, to feel good about yourself.

Q. What would be your desert island make up item?

A. I'd have to have two – mascara and lip liner. I just love lip liner! It makes such a difference, really adding definition to your lips, and it's a natural way to get the perfect pout. And mascara is the most wonderful product for beauty and instant glamour.

Q. Who or what inspires you?

A. My clients, because I want them to feel great. If I get a text saying ‘oh my skin looks beautiful this morning', or ‘I got loads of compliments on my make up', it gives me such a buzz and that's why I'm constantly researching things, trying new looks, trying new products – it's about finding the very best so I can pass that information on to my clients.

Nathalie Eleni, our Make up Artist

Nathalie Eleni,our Make up Artist

From fashion and film to music and media, Nathalie has worked with some of the world's most famous faces, and brings a wealth of beauty expertise to Liz Earle Colour. Sharing our passion for natural beauty, and our belief in make up that enhances, inspires and boosts confidence, Nathalie is a wonderful addition to the Liz Earle team.