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Colour for the lips

Damask Rose 03 - 3.5g

Signature Lip Colour

Embellish your lips with our sheer lip colour. Enriched with avocado oil and shea butter, it glides on to deliver an irresistible burst of radiant colour.
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  • 01 Rosehip01 Rosehip
    (Soft, muted red). A staple, ‘suits all’ classic red.
    01 Rosehip
  • 02 Hibiscus02 Hibiscus
    (A sheer, glossy red). Ideal to create a polished look with a soft shine for evening glamour.
    02 Hibiscus
  • 03 Damask Rose03 Damask Rose
    (Pure, soft rose). An injection of vibrancy for all lips, whatever your skin tone.
    03 Damask Rose
  • 04 Raspberry04 Raspberry
    (Muted raspberry-pink). An easy-to-wear blend of red and pink tones.
    04 Raspberry
  • 05 Peony05 Peony
    (Sheer rose-pink). A modern, bright twist on the traditional rose.
    05 Peony
  • 07 Tea Rose07 Tea Rose
    (Rosy nude). A very pretty shade for most skin tones.
    07 Tea Rose
  • 08 Dusk08 Dusk
    (Nude pink). Pretty heather undertones give this nude extra depth and warmth.
    08 Dusk
  • 09 Fig09 Fig
    (Perfect brown-pink). A beautiful lip colour for daytime elegance.
    09 Fig
  • 10 Peach10 Peach
    (Soft peach nude). An essential shade to subtly enhance your lip tone.
    10 Peach
  • 11 Cranberry11 Cranberry
    (Muted, soft wine). A red with earthy tones to warm the complexion.
    11 Cranberry
  • 12 Azalea12 Azalea
    (Soft coral). The most wearable coral to brighten the lip.
    12 Azalea
  • 13 Melon13 Melon
    (Sheer peach). A true coral for a modern-looking lip.
    13 Melon
  • 15 Cherry Blossom15 Cherry Blossom
    (Sheer, gilded pale-pink). Add a delicate pink gleam to lips.
    15 Cherry Blossom
  • 18 Maple18 Maple
    (Shimmery brown with pink overtones). Darker skin tones will delight in this deep glistening colour.
    18 Maple
  • 19 Myrtle19 Myrtle
    (Sheer berry). Wonderful on darker skins for extra impact in the evening.
    19 Myrtle
All our Signature Lip Colours are so sheer and comfortable on the lips I really can wear any shade. If I want a subtle look for day time I simply apply to the centre of my lips and smooth outwards.Liz Earle
Guava 02 - 5ml

Sheer Lip Gloss

This lightweight gloss glides on smoothly to leave lips feeling soft and looking irresistible. Enriched with our own blend of avocado and shea butter.
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  • Cherry 01 Cherry 01
    Sheer, clear red. A hint of red that anyone can wear to enhance their own natural lip colour.
    Cherry 01
  • Guava 02 Guava 02
    Medium pink with a subtle shimmer. A very wearable hint of pink.
    Guava 02
  • Berry 03 Berry 03
    Soft, iridescent berry. A berry tone that adds colour but never looks harsh.
    Berry 03
  • Fuchsia 04 Fuchsia 04
    Soft, raspberry rose. Adds life to every skin tone without being overly bright. Brilliant on bronzed skin and deeper skin tones.
    Fuchsia 04
  • Spice 05 Spice 05
    Copper-toned pink. Its slight iridescence gives a subtle, sophisticated look.
    Spice 05
  • Petal 06 Petal 06
    High-shine sheer pink. Great on its own for a hint of pink or mixed with any other gloss.
    Petal 06
  • Honeysuckle 07 Honeysuckle 07
    Soft, pearly pink-gold. Wear on its own or add a hint of pink-gold to your favourite lipstick.
    Honeysuckle 07
  • Mallow 08 Mallow 08
    Soft nude shine. The essential in your lipgloss collection, the one that goes with everything. It emphasises your natural lip colour.
    Mallow 08
  • Quince 09 Quince 09
    Super-shine toffee-pink. An extremely flattering easy-to-wear shade whatever your hair colour.
    Quince 09
  • Apricot 11 Apricot 11
    Pale apricot shimmer. Super-pretty and lively. Slick over any warm-toned lipstick for added highlight.
    Apricot 11
  • Water Lily 12 Water Lily 12
    Clear shine lightly flecked with gold. Wear on its own everyday or as a mixer and topcoat over any other lip colour.
    Water Lily 12
Carnation 01 - 1.2g

Lip Pencil

Designed to coordinate with our lip colour shades, this pigment-rich lip pencil glides on smoothly to create perfect definition.
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  • 01 Carnation01 Carnation
    A pinky peach to complement light pink and nude lip colours.
    01 Carnation
  • 02 Poppy02 Poppy
    A poppy red to complement vibrant red lip colours.
    02 Poppy
  • 03 Juniper03 Juniper
    A pearly plum to complement deeper lip colours.
    03 Juniper
  • 04 Heather04 Heather
    A dusky pink to complement deep pink lip colours.
    04 Heather
  • 05 Foxglove05 Foxglove
    A light pink to complement pale pink and nude lip colours.
    05 Foxglove


Precision Brush

Precision Brush

Our multi-functional brush offers precise make up application.
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Pencil Sharpener

Pencil Sharpener

Our sharpener creates a precise point for ease of application.
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