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As one of the most expressive parts of our bodies, our hands can give away our age at a glance, so it's incredibly important to take care of them – especially as we get older.

Our hands are often the first place to show the signs of ageing. Unlike our bodies, which are more or less constantly clothed, they are almost always exposed to the elements – pollution, detergents and, notably, the sun. Think how hard they work – in and out of water throughout the day, exposed to an array of household cleaners, pulling up vegetables and weeds in the garden... the list is endless! Simple steps such as wearing gloves for household chores and gardening will help protect hands from looking dry, dehydrated and dull – however for women, the signs of ageing are heightened by the fact that collagen and elastin production – crucial for helping keep skin plump – declines around the time of the menopause, due to decreasing levels of oestrogen. Skin becomes thinner and more fragile, as well as more sensitive to UV radiation and pollutants – literally fading with age.

Our new arrival

Whilst we can't completely turn the clock back when it comes to skin ageing, I really do believe the potent naturally active ingredients in our award-winning Superskin range can help to 'slow the ticking' and make a visible difference to skin as it starts to show the signs of the natural ageing process. So I'm delighted to celebrate a brand new addition to our Superskin family – Superskin Hand Serum. Rich in the essential fatty acids GLA and omega-3, as well as antioxidants, I've definitely noticed a marked difference to the plumpness, softness and smoothness of my skin since using it. I can honestly say I've seen the signs of ageing visibly improve on the backs of my hands. It's now a daily skincare staple I wouldn't want to be without.

Potent plant oils

Potent plant oils

Great care has been taken in creating this precious serum and we have chosen what we believe are the finest and most effective botanicals for their plumping, smoothing, softening and moisturising properties. Those of you who already know and love our Superskin range will be familiar with some of these ingredients. Back when we were developing our much-loved Superskin Moisturiser, my knowledge and research of plant oils led me to study the properties of two potent natural skin-savers, rosehip oil and cranberry seed oil. Organic rosehip seed oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, while cranberry seed oil is a rich source of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

You may have already experienced the skin-firming effects of kigelia extract, sourced from the magical 'sausage tree' Kigelia Africana in Malawi, in our Superskin Bust & Neck Treatment. Along with borage seed oil to smooth and soften skin and natural antioxidants vitamin E and pomegranate, I truly believe we have created the most wonderful treat for your hands... its results really do have to be seen to be believed! And all this together with the delicious scent of neroli oil, chamomile and lavender, hands not only look firmer and smoother, but are also beautifully fragranced.

Treat yourself

I often find that the perfect way to unwind at the end of a busy day is to enjoy a few treasured moments of pampering me-time. So why not double the benefits and indulge in an at-home mini-manicure? A favourite recipe of mine is to mix together 2 tablespoons of light olive oil (not extra virgin, as this is too sticky) or grapeseed oil with 2 tablespoons granulated sugar. Rub this scrub into your hands, focussing on any hardened areas, then rinse under warm running water and pat dry. Follow by massaging a little of our new serum onto your fingers, palms, and up the wrists and lower arms. Pay particular attention to the knuckles, rubbing and pulling them to ease any stiffness. If you have time, spend 5-10 minutes on this; it is just so relaxing. Finish by applying three quick strokes of your favourite shade from our new nail colour collection. Pure bliss!

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