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Line, define and shape

Dark Brown 02 - 1g

Eye Pencil

Outline and define your eyes with our long-lasting eye pencil. Enriched with our own natural source vitamin E, it’s a must-have for your make up bag.
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  • Black 01Black 01
    A pigment-rich, wearable black for maximum impact.
    Black 01
  • Dark Brown 02Dark Brown 02
    A dark brown, perfect for fair skins and light eyes, or a natural day look for everyone.
    Dark Brown 02
  • Golden Bronze 03Golden Bronze 03
    Beautiful on sun-kissed skin or blended out for a natural smoky eye look.
    Golden Bronze 03
Fair 01 - 1g

Brow Pencil

Create beautiful brows with our perfectly textured brow pencil. Your go-to for an instantly groomed and finished look.
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  • 01 Fair01 Fair
    A fair taupe, perfect for light-to-medium brows.
    01 Fair
  • 02 Dark02 Dark
    A dark brown, perfect for medium-to-dark brows.
    02 Dark

Lash definition

Black 01 - 8ml

Lash Definition Smudgeproof Mascara

Look no further for truly luscious lashes. With its water-resistant, long-lasting formula, our mascara glides on smoothly to perfectly define each lash and make your eyes look irresistible.
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  • Black 01 Black 01
    A classic black for maximum impact.
    Black 01
  • Brown 02 Brown 02
    A dark brown, perfect for fair skins and light eyes or a natural day look for everyone.
    Brown 02
One shade -  8ml

Lash Care Intensifying Mascara Base

Wear under mascara for lashes that look thicker and longer. Enriched with a specially selected blend of botanicals to help condition lashes.
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  • One shadeOne shade
    Appears white on application, drying to a transparent finish.
    One shade

Colour for the eyes

Golden Sand 09 - 3g

Signature Eye Colour

Create enviably beautiful eyes with our irresistible range of gorgeous, flattering eye colours, enriched with natural source vitamin E.
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  • Charcoal 01Charcoal 01
    (Deepest charcoal grey). A perfect starter for a dramatic smoky eye. Good for shaping and shading and to add impact to any eye make up.
    Charcoal 01
  • Smoke 02Smoke 02
    (Satiny dove-grey). A grey to accompany most Eye Colours for soft definition. Combined with Charcoal, it creates the classic smoky eye.
    Smoke 02
  • Taupe 03Taupe 03
    (The perfect balance of brown and grey). A balance of grey and brown for every eye colour when worn on its own or with other Eye Colour.
    Taupe 03
  • Twig 04Twig 04
    (Soft, gleaming mid-brown). Ideal for shading and shaping. Works well on all eye colours.
    Twig 04
  • Bronze 05Bronze 05
    (Mid-brown with a wash of gold). Great for delicately enhancing any eye colour with a subtle contrast.
    Bronze 05
  • Birch 07Birch 07
    (A delicate brown). A must-have for all eye colours, for a subtle veil of colour over the lid or to gently shape and shade.
    Birch 07
  • Nude 08Nude 08
    (A true nude). Brilliant on its own for the ultimate nude eye and for creating the perfect base for any other Eye Colour.
    Nude 08
  • Golden Sand 09Golden Sand 09
    (A soft, gleaming cream shade). Great worn on its own as well as a highlighter on eyes and cheekbones too.
    Golden Sand 09
  • Acorn 10Acorn 10
    (Peaches and cream with a velvet finish) A shade for most eye colours and skin tones and an especially good highlighter for darker skins.
    Acorn 10
  • Rose Quartz 11Rose Quartz 11
    (Dusky, muted ‘old rose’). A soft wash of ‘nearly neutral’ to bring out the colour of your eyes. Wear alone or with any of the browns and greys.
    Rose Quartz 11
  • Copper 13Copper 13
    (A gleaming copper brown). Wonderful on darker skin tones or for extra impact in the evening. A great contrast with your eyes.
    Copper 13
  • Forest 15Forest 15
    (Subtle green shot with gold). Marries perfectly with peach, neutral and all brown-toned Eye Colours for an up-to-the minute look.
    Forest 15
  • Willow 16Willow 16
    (Soft grey-green with gold overtones). A gently understated, flattering wash of colour for any skin tone.
    Willow 16
  • Sea Spray 18Sea Spray 18
    (Subtle blue-green). Light and pretty worn alone to enhance all eyes and a great way to experiment with other Eye Colours.
    Sea Spray 18
  • Ocean 19Ocean 19
    (Deep blue-green). Wear alone for a wash of subtle colour, or use with Marine or Charcoal to create a gently coloured smoky eye.
    Ocean 19
  • Marine 20Marine 20
    (Velvety navy blue). Use to shape, shade or contrast by combining with other Eye Colours or wear alone for a soft finish.
    Marine 20

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The pigments and varying textures of our gorgeous Signature eye colours are really luxurious. They range from beautiful colour true nudes to taupes and charcoals. I can really rely on our collection of colours to help me create a look for any occasion. Liz Earle


Eye Colour Brush

Eye Colour Brush

Our brush is uniquely shaped to help you apply powder eye colour right down to the lash line.
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Blend & Contour Brush

Blend & Contour Brush

The long sculpted head enables you to easily apply colour into the eye crease and on to those hard-to-reach areas.
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Brow & Eyeliner Brush

Brow & Eyeliner Brush

A real multi-functional tool, perfect for grooming brows and lining the eyes.
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Slanted Tweezers

Slanted Tweezers

Our tweezers are perfectly slanted and weighted allowing ultimate precision and control.
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Pencil Sharpener

Pencil Sharpener

Our sharpener creates a precise point for ease of application.
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